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It’s late at night, and you are hungry. Maybe you’ve had a very busy night and just got home. Or maybe you can’t sleep because your stomach keeps growing.

Whatever the reason, you are in the kitchen, and you need something healthy to eat soon. Look no further – these healthy options are satisfying, plus they’re packed with nutrients that can even help promote sleep.

Healthy late-night snack ideas

Cereals and milk

You can reserve cereals for breakfast. But it can also be a smart midnight snack and help you sleep.

One study found that consuming high glycemic carbohydrates, which are many corn-based grains, before bed, reduced the time it takes people to fall asleep. When it comes to Gerd, acid reflux diet plan is best to fight with it.

Keep portions small (the entire snack should be less than 300 calories), especially if you have heartburn issues; large meals can make the problem worse. One cup of corn flakes contains 100 calories, and half a cup of skimmed milk contains 45 calories.

Dairy products contain calcium, a mineral that plays a direct role in producing the sleep hormone melatonin.1 additionally, it also acts as a natural relaxant in the body.

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A bowl of berries

When your sweet tooth needs to be satisfied, there is nothing better than a plate of berries. Besides being high in fiber, which helps keep you full, berries contain magnesium, a mineral that relaxes nerves and muscles to speed up sleep. Overgrown candida can prove to be a nightmare for you, follow diet for candida to eradicate it.

Serve the berries plain or add chopped nuts or granola, or a little milk.

Peanut butter and jelly

The night is the right time for this childhood favorite. Here’s why: Some foods, like peanut butter, contain an amino acid called tryptophan converted to melatonin in the brain to promote drowsiness.

But carbohydrates like bread and jelly are needed to make tryptophan more available to the brain. 

Cheese and crackers

When you’re hungry for something tasty in the evening, say cheese and crackers. Keep an eye on portion sizes if you’re watching your weight, as cheese can be high in calories and fat if you eat large portions.

And opt for whole-grain cookies, which contain fiber. If you need a little extra bulk to keep you satisfied until the morning, add some fresh grapes, apple slices, or fresh greens.

Yogurt and fruit

Yogurt is a great source of calcium, which has been linked to better sleep. Just be sure to read the labels before you buy as some varieties are high in added sugar, empty calories that you don’t need. Go for plain yogurt and add flavor with berries, chopped nuts, and antioxidant-rich honey.

Turkish sandwich

The combination of protein and complex (i.e., satiating) carbohydrates will keep you hungry.

You always need time to digest half the sandwich before starting the second – sometimes being too full can keep you awake too.

Fresh vegetables and sauce

If you crave something crunchy and low in calories, fresh vegetables are the way to go. Any combination of raw carrots, broccoli florets, sliced ​​cucumber, celery, zucchini, peppers, and grape tomatoes will go a long way in calming the rumble in your stomach. Boost the flavor and get a healthy dose of z-inducing calcium, with a sauce made from low-fat cottage cheese or Greek yogurt.

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