Avocado Toast To Get A Dash Of Protein, Fibre And Good Fats

Easy breakfast ideas: Avocado toast with nuts and seeds makes for a well-balanced breakfast food


Avocado toast can be prepared in just 5 minutes
Eat it with a toasted bread and nuts and seeds trail mix
Plan your meals in advances to have hot and healthy homemade breakfast

Having a healthy, homemade breakfast every day can be a tad bit difficult. The most common reason behind this is lack of time. In the morning, one is usually occupied with a long list of the day’s to-do tasks, due deadlines and chores that cannot be ignored. So, it’s a given that having a healthy breakfast every day can be a tad bit difficult goal to achieve. But, it can all be solved with some planning and time management. Ideally, your breakfast should provide you with healthy fat, fibre, carbs and proteins.

Quick and healthy breakfast ideas that can help you with weight loss

Cornflakes, breakfast cereal or a plain toast will rarely provide you with the nutrition and energy you need to go on with the day. What you need is something homemade or something that is naturally available.

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Take Kayla Itsines’ breakfast option this morning, for instance. The celebrity fitness trainer shared the picture of a humble avocado toast, which she says can be prepared in just five minutes!

“I prefer my breakfast to be both quick to make and eat so I can get started with my day as soon as possible!” she writes in the capiton of her Insta post.

Having said that, she agrees that just because a meal is quick doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy. “Try to include a healthy, balanced portion of protein, carbs and good fats into a fast breakfast – as you would with a more time-consuming dish,” she recommends.

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A quick go-to breakfast for days that she is occupied is a an avocado toast. You need to slice avocado and place it on a toasted bread. Season it with herbs, spices and have a handful of nuts and seeds trail mix, on the side.

This combination provides you with protein (nuts and seeds mix), good fat (avocado), fibre (avocado and bread) and carbs (bread). Not only does the breakfast option taste good, it can also be prepared in just five minutes!

In this meal, avocado can be replaced with the likes of peanut or almond butter, peanut butter and banana, cream cheese and berries, or olive oil, tomato, basil, dried oregano and salt and pepper. All of these combinations can safely be added to your weight loss diet as well!

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Other healthy breakfast options

As mentioned above, the goal of eating healthy and homemade breakfast every morning can be achieved with the help of a little time management. Poha, upma, idli and ajwain parantha are other quick, filling and nourishing breakfast options that you can bank on.

So, what did you have for breakfast this morning? Share in the comments below!

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