This is how Rebel Wilson looked 17 years ago on Fat Pizza, her tv debut

This is how Rebel Wilson looked 17 years ago on Fat Pizza, her tv debut | AP

The name of Rebel Wilson has been heard a lot in recent days, as he is currently an example to follow for many people when they almost reach their goal of weightloss, something that began at the beginning of this year.

Rebel Wilson is one of the most famous actresses of comedy In recent years, someone who has never been affected by bad comments or criticism regarding their weight.

Wilson is one of the most charismatic actresses in the comedy genre and this Australian girl began her journey through show business in the film “Fat Pizza“playing Toula, a character who later was one of the protagonists in the series World Record Pizza and its continuation Pizza.

However, her big chance to stand out came with “Paul Feig’s My Best Friend’s Wedding”, which along with “Bachelorette Party” and “Pain and Money” have fueled her fame with hilarious politically incorrect and hairless characters. language.

Although the one that has elevated him to star status is the “Perfect Notes” saga, in which he plays the hooligan Fat Amy.

At that time Rebel Wilson was somewhat overweight, something that he began to use for his roles in films where he participated.

It is worth mentioning that he never had problems with insecurities with his weight, however, this was already causing him health problems so he considered it necessary to intervene and start a meal plan and improve his health at all costs.

This health problem was detected in December 2018, when he was skiing in Aspen and he lost feeling in one of his feet.

Currently the famous actress has lost 30 kilos and is only 3 kilos from reaching her weight loss goal, news that she shared just a few days ago and that has filled her followers and millions of people with pride.

Wilson had previously shared that his weight loss goal was to reach 165 pounds, that is, 75 kilos and throughout the year he has shared his progress with his followers through his social networks.

The plan he carries out is known as the “Mayr method” created by the Austrian Franz Xavier Mayr, which focuses on correcting eating habits to improve overall health.

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Franz Mayr comments that his method does not seek to make people lose weight to make them happy or to look skinny, but rather prepares the person to improve their health by stimulating the immune system and reducing inflammation of the abdomen.

In this way, Rebel opted for a diet that included whole foods, herbal teas, fish, vegetables, and low-fat protein, combined with high-intensity interval exercise systems.

After months of starting with this method, the Australian actress has announced that she is really happy to almost reach her goal, which is to reach the weight of 75 kilos.

Without a doubt, the one known as Fat Amy today is a great example to follow for millions of people who are unsure of their body, because it is important that first of all you accept yourself and do it for health before aesthetics, as it should be noted that it is a subject that many people go through in their life.

In fact in the month of July 2011, Wilson became a spokesperson for the Jenny Craig nutrition company in Australia to lose weight and in January 2012 she revealed that she has lost more than ten kilos since joining the program.

A curious fact is that the producers of Perfect Notes did not let her lose more weight during the film, since her contract indicated that she had to maintain the same weight and in February 2013, Wilson confirmed that he had terminated his agreement with Jenny Craig the previous year .

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