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Each year, tons of people set New Year’s resolutions to better themselves mentally and physically. For many people, that consists of trying out one of the many popular diets circulating around social media.

If you’re eager to jump on the next dieting fad, we know three diets that everyone is talking about. Here’s what you need to know:

What Diet is Right for You?

Before you dive into one of the tops three diets of 2020, you should know that you can lose weight without committing to a strict diet. You should always consult with a professional dietitian before making any big changes, but any doctor will encourage you to try the following tips:

Cut out Alcohol and Sugary Beverages

An easy way to cut a lot of unnecessary sugar and calories from your diet is by taking a break from juices, sodas, and alcohol. However, this is hard for those who enjoy their nightly ritual of red wine and frozen yogurt. Some people even experience sweet alcohol withdrawal symptoms when they try to cut back. 

If you struggle to limit your alcohol intake because of your body, know that it’s possible with the right professional help.

Try to sneak some vegetables in every meal you eat, and you’d be surprised what a difference it can make. Omelets pair well with vegetables, and veggies can fit easily into any lunch and dinner plan.

Go for a walk in the morning or on your lunch break for some fresh air and to wake up your body. If you can’t make it outside, you can still actively work on standing more often and taking more active alternatives whenever possible, such as taking the stairs as opposed to an elevator.

The Top 3 Diets

If you’re not willing to settle for small changes and you’re prepare to commit to a diet, try these three: 

The Mediterranean Diet

You may have heard of the Mediterranean diet within the past few years, and you should get used to hearing about it. This diet centers around a heart-healthy meal plan full of whole grains, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables.

Aside from the obvious pros of this diet, it has been utilized by people as a way of life for so many years. This alone gives it surprising credibility- there’s even data that suggests the diet impacts chronic diseases and weight control.

Intermittent fasting requires you to adjust your eating patterns. You will cycle between a period of fasting and then eating. This “diet” doesn’t provide a specified category of foods to stick to, so it is more of an eating pattern than a diet. A common method involves fasting for 16 hours each day, so you only have an 8-hour window of eating.

The Keto diet is based around a low-carb, high-fat meal plan that is popular among many, thanks to its fast-acting promises. If cutting sugar and carbs is completely out of the question for you, then this might not be the best fit. 

While obviously a lot of people have found personal success with this diet, this option is ranked last due to its difficulty to maintain and the possibility of nutrient deficiencies. 

Bottom Line

Health experts, for the most part, encourage diets that involve a variety of healthy food groups consumed in moderation. Diets that have you restricting yourself when eating can be tricky to keep up with in the long run, which is why people are choosing these three diets in 2020; they’re easier to commit to and still rewarding.

Consider these three diets if you’re ready for healthy, natural weight changes in 2020!

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