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Health Tips: Most people do not like gourd juice at all. But the charges that keep good health are mostly bitter. Although the taste of gourd is not bitter at all, yet many people do not like to eat it at all. But many such nutrients are found in the gourd which provide not only your skin and hair but also many health benefits to you. Consuming gourd juice helps you lose weight. Along with this, it also helps in improving the health of your skin and hair, so let us tell you today how gourd juice is beneficial for your skin and hair.

1.Assists in reducing wrinkles
Gourd juice is rich in zinc and vitamin C, which is helpful in protecting your skin from premature aging. Vitamin C prevents the aging of skin cells, which is helpful in reducing wrinkles on the face. For this, you can drink juice of gourd juice or even apply its paste on your face and neck.

2. Make face shiny
Gourd is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It helps in bringing back the natural glow on your face. Therefore, you should make gourd juice a natural glowing face daily.

3. Reduce inflammation of the eyes
If you are troubled by swollen or puffy eyes, then apply gourd juice to your eyes. Gourd provides coolness to your eyes. For puffy eyes, cut two slices of fresh gourd and apply it on your eyes and keep them for 10-15 minutes and wash your eyes.

4. Prevent white hair and fall
Gourd juice helps to prevent premature whitening and loss of hair. It contains vitamin B, which is considered good for your hair. For this, massage your scalp with gourd juice. This makes your hair fall less.

5. Get the pimples away
The gourd acts as a cleansing. It detoxifies the skin by keeping dirt and dust away from your skin. In addition, it controls sebum production, which is helpful in reducing breakouts. Those who are troubled by oily skin, they should definitely drink gourd juice.

6. For soft and clean skin
Gourd juice works to clean your blood, which helps to cleanse your skin. It helps in internal cleansing of your body and skin and in removing many health problems. If you do not want to consume gourd juice, then you can make a face pack of gourd by adding gram flour and curd and apply it twice a week.

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