Online wellness program gets launch

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Sun Health officials moved a step forward in serving West Valley residents with the launch of the “SunHealthDPP” Diabetes Prevention and Weight Loss program and the “SunHealth360” Lifestyle Change program.

Both new offerings are online and available to anyone, anywhere using a computer and the “Sun Health DPP” mobile app. The new online Diabetes Prevention program allows individuals who have been diagnosed by a physician as pre-diabetic or at a high risk of developing diabetes to gain back control of their health.

This 12-month program is managed by a registered dietitian and a certified lifestyle coach. It provides participants with the tools to manage their health, lose weight and lower A1c levels, and is a companion program to the in-person DPP offered at the Sun Health Center for Health and Wellbeing, 14719 W. Grand Ave., Surprise.

It is the only program in Arizona fully recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for in-person support and is pending recognition for the online program.

Additionally, Sun Health offers the only in-person program in Arizona recognized by Medicare.

SunHealthDPP offers a lifetime of wellness tips and tools, including 26 video modules to help participants improve their health, wellness and nutrition; unlimited lifestyle coach engagement for 12 months; ongoing, personalized health coaching to ensure successful progress; tips and tools to help maintain a healthy weight; and a scale/pedometer provided at start of program

Through this innovative, personalized and low-cost program, participants can reverse their course towards diabetes and take the pathway to better health. The program offered through may be covered by a health plan or employer.

Visit or call the Sun Health Center for Health and Wellbeing at 623-471-9355.

For individuals who may not be eligible for SunHealthDPP, SunHealth360 offers a low-cost, comprehensive online suite of health care management tools to help empower participants to take control of their health.

Sun Health’s personalized support helps participants get healthy and stay healthy by surrounding them with interactive resources and guidance to help establish long-term healthy habits.

Elements of the program include content addressing weight, metabolic syndrome, prediabetes and heart disease prevention; improved health and nutrition through lifestyle changes; unlimited lifestyle coach engagement for 12 months; weekly check-in to ensure progress; wide range of interactive resources; and 24/7 access through a smart phone app or computer.

All  benefits are available at a low-cost, and include personalized support to help participants.

Visit or call the Sun Health Center for Health and Wellbeing at 623-471-9355.

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