Woman sheds 3% body fat with 8-week challenge where ‘cheat meals are allowed’

A woman has lifted the lid on her incredible weight loss journey.

When she first heard about F45 Training, Maya Bhalla was still living in Singapore.

Not taking much notice, the marketing manager, carried on her exercise routine happily.

But it wasn’t until the 27-year-old moved to London in 2018 when she decided to try the concept her friends were talking about.

Maya signed up to her local F45 Camden studio and decided to take on the famous 8-week challenge.

Now after seeing promising results from the plan, Maya has given Daily Star Online an insight into her impressive fitness journey.

Maya completed F45’s 8-week challenge

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She said: “Despite regular workouts and a healthy diet, I noticed the move from Singapore to the UK had taken its toll on my weight.”

Although she was enjoying her new lifestyle in the capital, Maya wanted to make sure this weight gain was not permanent.

Prior to the challenge, her diet consisted of carb-heavy foods and things she could pick up on the go.

Maya was given a nutrition plan when she signed up to F45 which was a lot stricter than her previous diet.

She only started the plan when she moved to the UK

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She added: “Although I allowed myself a couple of ‘cheat’ meals at my friends’ wedding, I was more disciplined than ever.

“And I was still able to add my own Indian flair to the meals.”

Since completing the challenge, Maya has felt better than ever and believes the experience has been life-changing.

The workouts offered by F45 gave the slimmer a new sense of motivation that she didn’t know she needed.

She did allow herself ‘cheat’ meals when she had special occasions

Also the trainers offered her all the support during and after the programme to ensure she stayed focused.

Now having lost a staggering 12.3kg (just under 2st) and 2.6% fat loss, Maya has finally reached her goal.

Initially she started the plan to restore her eating habits but now she’s found a new community she couldn’t be more thankful for.

To find out more about the 8-week challenge, visit the F45 website.

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