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Health Tips: Reducing obesity is not an easy task for any person, because even if you do not want to, you make some such mistakes, which breaks your dream. Many myths have arisen among people about weight loss, whose truth is very important for you to know, so today we are going to tell you about some such myths which do not help you in weight loss. We do.

Myth: To reduce obesity you must starve
Fact: You do not eat anything thinking that it will reduce your weight, but it does not happen, the internal things going on in your body weaken your body’s metabolism because they need to eat to work. By not eating food, you make the muscles of the body very weak and reduce the amount of fat. This is the most wrong way to lose weight.

Myth: Carbs can make you fat and harm your health.
Fact: Carbs give you energy and it gives your brain the power to work. These give your body the necessary fuel to work.

Myth: Green tea works as a fat burner.
Fact: Green tea contains fewer calories, antioxidants and many nutrients. In addition, the compound EGCG found in it is helpful in reducing weight, but it contains very small amounts. If you drink about 15 cups of green tea every day, then you are consuming an unhealthy tea to lose weight. To lose weight, you need to focus on burning calories instead of drinking it.

Myth: Keto diet is best for weight loss
Fact: It is not a good diet to reduce fat because you cannot eat it whole life. This diet is never good for most people to burn fat. Apart from this, there are some side effects like increasing the amount of cholesterol, LDL, etc.

Myth: Fat makes you fat
Fact: Healthy fat never makes you fat, Fat is very important to repair the body’s skin, tissues, optimal hormonal production of your body.

Myth: Wheat bread contains gluten makes you fat
Fact: If you are allergic to eating gluten, then you should avoid gluten in your food. But you are absolutely healthy, so there is no need to avoid gluten in your diet.

Myth: Juice is better at burning fat
Fact: It is better to eat any fruit or vegetable only when you eat it and not drink its juice. When you extract the juice of a fruit or vegetable, important nutrients from them remove the fiber.

Myth: Eating mango and banana makes you fat.
Fact: Both fruits are rich in fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients and are found in good amount of carbs. You can eat them, but control other carbs sources like rice and bread in your diet. If you do not eat 4 rotis, you can eat more than one mango.

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