A Perfect Way To Tone Them!

This legs and glutes workout can be great for building lean muscles


This workout can be done anytime, anywhere
It can help in toning of your glutes and legs
It can set the right tone of the day if you do it in the morning

As we have spoken multiple times earlier, a nice morning routine can work wonders towards improving your health. Not only can it reduce your stress and calm your nerves, it can also set the right tone and mood of the day, enabling you to go ahead with it in just the right manner! In this article, we are going to talk about a workout which targets legs and glutes. It can be completed in just eight minutes… yes, you heard that right, eight minutes is all you need to complete it!

Glutes and legs activation workout that can be done without any equipment

Sweat trainer Kelsey Well’s legs and glutes workout was recently shared on Instagram. “Working out during times of stress can play a big role in maintaining your health and overall well-being,” reads the caption of the post and we couldn’t agree more.

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Exercise has been found to be an effective tool against stress, anxiety and depression. Going for a run or a jog or a cycling session can be refreshing and calming for your mind and body, especially when you do it in the morning. The release of endorphins can make you feel light-hearted and give you mental clarity throughout the day.

Exercising can have stress-relieving effects on the body
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The legs and glutes workout can also be great for building lean muscle and improving overall body strength. It involves cardio movements that can increase your body temperature, as well as those that can your mobility and muscle awareness.

What’s more, the workout can be done without any equipment, and can be done anytime, anywhere. It is divided into two circuits, where each circuits includes two exercises.

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Circuit 1

Clams x 20 repsSquat Hold x 20 seconds

Circuit 2

Reverse Lunge x 20 reps (10 each side)Fire Hydrants x 20 reps (10 each side)

Set a timer of four minutes for each circuit, and try to complete as many reps as possible. Do 3 laps to make it a full-fledged workout. You can also do it after a quick running, jogging or cycling session.

Start your day with this workout tomorrow and let us know it makes you feel in the comments below!

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