how Kelly Osbourne lost six stone

But, in 2020, it seems she is finally starting to reap the rewards of her hard work. Here’s what we can learn from her transformation.

Weight loss surgery 

Speaking on the Hollywood Raw podcast, Osbourne revealed that she had chosen gastric sleeve surgery to help her lose weight. 

“I want to be very clear about this kind of surgery I had. I didn’t have a gastric bypass. The kind of surgery I had… if you don’t work out and you don’t eat right, you gain weight. All it does is move you in the right direction,” she said. “What people don’t realize is, it cuts out this hormone that if you have addiction issues, it stops your craving and it makes you not emotionally eat which is a huge problem for me.”

A gastric sleeve works by stapling off a portion of the stomach which turns it from a pouch into a sleeve. According to Nuffield Health the procedure has a high success rate, achieving up to 70 per cent excess weight loss – just shy of the standard set by a gastric band. A gastric bypass is a more complex operation that requires two joins in the stomach. Patients who have undergone the operation often experience absorption issues and are required to take supplements for the rest of their lives to make sure they absorb nutrients. 

A vegan diet

In 2012, it was reported that Osbourne’s close relationship with the vegan chef Matthew Mosshart might have pushed her to loosely follow a plant-based diet – which she may still be sticking to.

“I used to think being a vegan was boring. Now I have more fun with food now than I ever have before,” she captioned an Instagram post of hummus and cucumber on bread in 2018.

It wouldn’t be the first time that veganism has been linked to dramatic weight loss. A 2016 study published in the journal Nutrition compared weight loss over six months among people who followed vegan, vegetarian, semi-vegetarian, and omnivorous diets. The results showed that people on a vegan diet lost more weight than other groups. They also decreased their consumption of saturated fats.

However, the relationship between plant-based food and weight loss is highly contentious. The restrictive nature of a vegan diet can lead people to over-indulge on pasta, bread and fast-food. Many vegans lack Vitamin B12 in their diet, and can also experience poor bone health caused by calcium and Vitamin D deficiency. In fact, research shows vegans have lower bone mineral density and fracture rates nearly a third higher than the general population, with teenagers and post-menopausal women particularly at risk. 

If you are going to follow a vegan diet for weight loss, or ethical reasons, it’s important that you seek out expert advice so you can incorporate the correct supplements into your diet. 

An occasional treat 

Prior to joining Dancing with the Stars in 2009, Osborne admitted to Shape magazine that she used to “eat chips and cookies and drink soda all day long.” And although it’s unlikely that she still eats these foods in large quantities, Osbourne isn’t shy of allowing herself an occasional treat.

“I indulge with pizza and cheese — I love brie — and have cookies sometimes,” she told Shape. “But now, when I’m full? I stop eating! It may have taken me 26 years to figure it out, but I’ve finally learned how to do it right.”

If you allow yourself the occasional biscuit or cake, you’re less likely to fall off the wagon and binge unhealthy foods later down the line. But you should savour it slowly to heighten the experience. In a study published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing, people who took a photo of an indulgent dish before eating it found it more delicious, because the momentary delay allowed all of their senses to kick in before they ate the food.

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