How to lose visceral fat: Avoid trans fat and simple carbohydrates to burn belly fat

When it comes to the amount of fat a person carries and how to know if they may be in danger of carrying too much excess fat, Dr Gilbert said: “BMI figures are not always accurate measures to tell you if you are carrying too much fat, some other signs you can look out for are acid reflux from changes in weight, aches in joints from carrying around extra weight, snoring which can be caused by fat stored around the neck, chronic fatigue from additional pressure on your organs.

“Carrying extra fat can often lead to serious health complications as mentioned from cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and even some cancers.

“Both visceral and subcutaneous fat can often be difficult to lose.

“Due to the location of visceral fat near the liver it is usually easier to burn.

“Subcutaneous fat can be stubborn and harder to get rid of with diet and exercise alone.”

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