The Best-Ever Eating Habits for Weight Loss

While eating anything raises your metabolic rate, protein boosts it the most. Chicken, turkey, beef, egg whites, and cottage cheese are just a few of the choices you have for high-rev foods. Protein is also essential to building muscle, and the more muscle you carry, the more efficiently your body will burn the fat you’re trying to fry. And don’t forget about breakfast! Get an early jump on your protein—deliciously—with a protein-packed breakfast that will keep you full, focused, and on track to getting abs.

Muscle burns calories even at rest. Fat, on the other hand, just sits there. So the last thing you want from your weight-loss program is a loss of muscle tissue. You can minimize muscle loss by getting enough protein delivered in relatively precise doses throughout each day. And for your body to put that protein to work for muscle building, you’ve got to log weight lifting time regularly.

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