Effective tips that can help you lose weight

Excessive weight can be caused by overeating, sedentary lifestyle, genetic reasons and many other factors.

Unfortunately, this can lead to some serious health issues.

Losing this excessive weight is a step toward improving a person’s overall well-being, and it can be achieved through many patient, effective and safe ways.

Here are some tips that can definitely help you knock off those extra kilos.

Figure out an exercise regime that makes you happy

Exercise is an important part of losing weight, but if you end up doing intense workouts that don’t make you feel comfortable, you will make excuses to skip them.

So find a physical activity that suits your lifestyle and gives your body necessary movement to lose weight.

These include playing sports like football with your friends, dance classes and more.

Lack of sleep increases hunger level, can cause weight gain

When you don’t get adequate sleep, the hunger hormone ghrelin increases, and causes untimely cravings, which you won’t be able to ignore.

This will eventually lead to weight gain.

Also, sleep deprivation mostly causes cravings for high calorie food because of your lack of energy.

This will make you want salty and sweet food items, which can jeopardise your weight-loss plans.

Include proteins and healthy fats in your diet

High protein diet is important for losing weight because it reduces cravings, and keeps you full for a longer time. Since carbohydrates are associated with weight gain, you should avoid them. However, don’t cut carbs completely. Reduce its intake to 20-50 grams/day.

Beware of sugary drinks that contain tons of calories

Sugar-sweetened beverages like soda, juice, alcohol and others may provide you instant energy. But since sugar is a soluble carbohydrate, these drinks carry tons of calories, and don’t provide any nutritional benefits that are often advertised.

You should go for unsweetened beverages, or replace the sugar in your drinks with healthy alternatives like honey.

Also check the sugar content of energy drinks before consumption.

Drinking adequate quantity of water is the most important step

Dehydration often feels like hunger.

Thus, drinking water when you feel hungry can prevent the intake of unnecessary calories. This also makes water an effective and natural appetite suppressant.

Additionally, adequate water intake ensures elimination of toxins that can cause weight gain; and is responsible for keeping your metabolism active.

You can also add lime juice to it for flavor.

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