Weight loss: How to transition back from Keto to a healthy diet, without gaining weight

One of the best benefits of going on Keto is the limited intake of carbs in your diet. Once you stop following Keto, you are free to eat foods, which will also include all kinds of carbs. The one thing to be actually cautious about is slowly introducing ‘good’ carbs in your diet. One way to do so would be to limit the intake of processed foods, which are full of carbs and can quickly make you regain fat.

Do remember that if you have been following Keto for a while, your body might take time to get used to eating carbs again. Hence, slowly reintroduce foods to your diet so that you don’t invite gastrointestinal trouble. If you are adding back carbs, start by going slow. Go for one serving a day, and slowly progress to two and more.

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