Health Tips: If you want to lose weight then follow this simple method

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. This helps in weight loss. Calorie management is important. People do many experiments to lose weight. Like being hungry, exercising … everything goes well for a few days and then everything comes to a standstill. Being hungry leads to weakness. If you really want to lose weight then do this step. Breakfast should be 200-300 calories. Eat something rich in vitamins and minerals for breakfast. Get enough sleep and drink 10-15 glasses of water daily. In addition, you can reduce your weight by dividing the food into two parts.

The three main meals throughout the day are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast and dinner can be divided into two parts. For example, take the first part of breakfast and the second part two to three hours after morning exercise. After this, take the first part of lunch between one o’clock to two o’clock in the afternoon and the second part between four and five o’clock. After this, have a light dinner in the evening between seven and eight o’clock. drink plenty of water. If there are kidney patients, determine the amount of water with the advice of a doctor.

Hot water is very helpful in removing excess weight. Lemon and water are considered the simplest drinks along with fat burning. If you want to lose weight, mix lemon and hot water after every meal and drink it. People take a crash diet course or fast to lose weight, due to which there is a lack of multi-nutrition in the body after a while. This causes fatigue, loss of blood, wrinkles in the skin. Therefore breakfast should be balanced and nutritious. Vegetable lentils, upma, poha, oats can be taken in it. Take milk, curd. Eat light boiled grains. Do not eat too heavy. Eat fruits when you have diabetes. Do not drink the juice. This increases the blood sugar level. Dry fruits can be taken with nuts, almonds, etc. Also, include fibrous items, feel less hungry.

It is also a kind of homemade healthy drink, which can be drunk both hot or cold. Green tea is extremely beneficial for our bodies. Take time for your weight loss program. If time constraints prevent you from trying to control your weight, it is a permanent solution. Set as much time as you want during the day.

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