Holistic Health and Wellness Tips for Healthy Aging

Make a list of your overarching risk factors, from genetic predispositions to concerns your physician has shared at recent check-ups. This exercise will help you drill down and focus on actionable tasks to improve your health and longevity.

Focus on Creating Sustainable Routines

One of the struggles people of all ages face when trying to make a change is focusing on the end result. Consider weight loss, for example. If the goal is to lose 25 lbs, that is a huge, arduous task with no real deadline or action plan. Instead of focusing on the destination, focus on the journey instead, and what steps will you take today to make a change.

Create sustainable routines, starting with a single, simple daily task. Continuing the weight loss example, that task could be adding a serving of vegetables to each meal. After making that task a habit for a week, you can scale up and replace your soda with water at dinner. Then, continue adding healthy habits until it becomes a routine.

Focusing on small, action-based tasks and scaling up over time creates sustainable change. Whether it’s planning to exercise more, incorporating a mindfulness routine into your day, or making time to read, the key is taking small steps forward. Reverse engineer your goals into daily, weekly, and monthly habits.

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