This 8-Exercise Recovery Routine Can Help In Getting Rid Of Aches And Pains After Workout

Rest and recovery routine can reduce aches and pains after workout


Doing recovery workouts can help you exercise more consistently
You need a foam roller and resistance band for this workout
See how each exercise is done and get the technique right

Sore muscles, aches and pains are a common occurrence after a workout. Though they may be discomforting, these muscle soreness and pains are a sign that you are pushing yourself in your workout. These pains tend to last for longer among those who have just started with their fitness journey. It is because of these pains that there are rest and recovery routines that one must do after completing workouts every day. These recovery routines quicken recovery, they also help in improving body’s flexibility and mobility.

Recovery routine you can try at home

Celebrity fitness trainer Kayla Itsines recently took to Instagram to share a recovery routine that one can do at home. This routine involves use of equipment like a foam roller and resistance bands, which can dramatically reduce aches and pains after a workout. They can speed up body’s recovery, adds Itsines.

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Doing exercises for recovery on a regular basis can help a person workout more consistently, without taking any off days because of tight or sore muscles.

“I always try and get a good recovery warm down in after a big workout. I turn down and change the music in the gym (I normally have it up really loud!) and then take time to recover. If I am working out with a friend, we also use this time to chat,” Itsines adds in the caption of her post.

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So here’s the recovery session that you can do for quick and efficient recovery:

1. Glutes – 60 sec (30 per side)

2. TFL – 60 sec (30 per side)

3. Rhomboids (Thoracic) – 40 sec

4. Four-Point Thoracic Rotation – 12 reps (6 per side)

5. Single-Leg Straight Leg Raise – 16 reps (8 per side)

6. Glutes (Figure 4) – 80 sec (40 per side)

7. Hip Flexor & Quad – 80 sec (40 per side)

8. Anterior Deltoid (RB) – 80 sec (40 per side)

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Here’s the video of the recovery session. See how each exercise is done and get the technique right. Resistance bands and foam rollers are pretty portable equipment and can be easily found in online stores. Get your hands on them and make sure you dedicate time to rest and recovery sessions after your workouts, regularly.

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