Carrot Gojju: A Tangy, High Protein Breakfast Recipe From Karnataka Youll Love This Season


Carrots are replete with beta-caroteneCarrots are very versatileBreakfast is an important meal

Who does not like a hearty and wholesome breakfast? Breakfast is often touted as the most important meal of the day. It kickstarts your metabolism, fuels your body after a long slumber and provides energy to go through the day. It could also help you with your weight-loss goals, all you need to do is choose your food wisely. Yes, salads and smoothies are effective, but there are many traditional preparations that could add an edge to your diet without hampering your recommended calorie intake of the day.

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Gojju is a special kind of tangy curry or seasoning from Karnataka that is pronounced with flavours of tamarind, jaggery and curry leaves. This sweet and tangy delight can be mixed with anything and yield delish results. With winters around the corner, we are looking to stock our pantry with all things seasonal and fresh. If we had to pick a winter favourite, red and crunchy carrots would top the list for us. Be it raw or cooked, carrots always seem to impress us to the hilt. Moreover, they are so versatile that we can have carrots all through the day and never get bored.

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Carrots are this season’s specialty

Carrot Gojju Recipe:

This special carrot gojju recipe combines the goodness of all things healthy and yummy. In this recipe, shredded carrots are tossed in a mix of coconut, chana dal, tamarind, black pepper, cumin seeds, curry leaves and jaggery. It is very easy to prepare and is ideal for days you are looking for healthy and sumptuous breakfast. You can also have it for lunch or dinner.

Click here for the full recipe of carrot gojju.

What makes this dish stellar is the fusion of the base and the paste. While the base is chunky with carrots, jaggery and tamarind, the paste has a fiery quality owing to the green chillies, ginger and other spices used to make it.


In addition to being so flavourful they are super high in protein and fibre too. Chana dal is dubbed as one of the best sources of protein and carrots are loaded in fibre. Both protein and fibre impart a sense of satiety and facilitate weight loss.

Make this healthy recipe at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below!

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