This Keto-Friendly Coconut Oil Diet Will Help You Achieve The Ultimate K-pop Idol Body

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Due to the skyrocketing popularity of K-pop and Hallyu around the globe, the influence of Korean culture including their fashion, food, and beauty routines were now adopted by K-pop enthusiasts as well.

K-pop idols are known for their natural young-looking faces and wannabe bodies that several fans are being inspired to aim for. Though not all K-pop idols are originally born with their inspiring bodies, it is amusing how they can easily and effectively transform with the fitness everyone desires.

There are actually several Korean diets that you can try if you also want to lose weight, but one of the most popular is the Ketogenic diet or Keto-diet.

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In this diet, you are to eliminate large amounts of carbs on your plate, focusing on eating protein-rich foods and vegetables. Girl’s Day Yura, who is known for her outstanding body, actually sticks to a low-carb diet, and in terms of rice, she only eats brown rice instead of pork. KARA’s Nicole, SHINee’s Key, and Wheesung also revealed to have tried keto-diet and eventually losing weight within a short time frame.

This diet restricts your carb intake, which should be 20 to 50 grams only each day. The remaining percentage should come from protein and fat then.

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During this diet, your body burns fat to become the fuel instead of carbs to sustain energy for work. This is indeed effective for losing weight and is also referred to as a medical diet as, in particular, it lowers your blood sugar and insulin level

Coconut oil is an essence gained from coconuts, which palm is known as the tree of life. Koreans are also fond of using coconut oils as part of their skin routine, and studies also claimed that it is effective for bodyweight loss.

So, if you also love using coconut oil, you may wonder if it can help your journey for a fit body. Well, the answer is yes.

Since keto-diet avoids carbs and is focused on high-proteins and percentage of fats, coconut oil which is a pure fat can become a substitute for you to reach the needed fat of your body without consuming any carbs.

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It is also made of up saturated fats, which is a huge help to boost your fat-burning system.

As coconut oil is a calorie-rich food, you have to limit the amount of it for effective weight loss. You can’t take a number of calories which is greater than what you burn. For the Mediterranean ketogenic diet, you should focus on monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, in which you can take avocado, nuts, and seeds.

On top of your diet, you should also maintain a healthy body by having regular exercise and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. It will indeed take time to achieve that K-pop idol’s body, but your efforts will surely be paid off once you dedicate your time and focus on doing the low-carb, high-protein diet that you are doing or about to do.

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