Eating Jaggery and Raisins Promote a Natural Weight Loss

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The concept of natural weight loss is highly underrated which is why most people don’t even know about it. The human body is capable of various amazing functions one of which is to auto-repair itself when it is damaged. However, it needs a substantial source of nutrients coming from food or supplements.

The dietary habits of a person can easily tell determine his health status and immunity. Considering the weight loss, the food has an even higher significant value. But not just the main foods, other things such as nuts, jaggery, and raisins can also help in natural weight loss.

The first step to induce weight loss in a healthy way is to reduce refined, processed foods, especially sugary foods. Not many people know that white sugar has no nutritional value and empty calories. It is better to replace sugar with jaggery which is a natural sweetener without any damaging effects on health.

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Jaggery is a healthier alternative to sugar as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It has much fewer calories than white sugar and is loaded with selenium magnesium, calcium, potassium iron, manganese, and zinc.

Jaggery is best for people who are diagnosed with anemia. Do you know there are only 38 calories in 20 grams of jaggery? In addition to this, it is slowly absorbed by the body and has no effect on sugar levels, unlike white sugar.

Using a natural sweetener instead of white sugar improves the body’s electrolyte balance. It also prevents the retention of water in the body. Additionally, it has benefits for the respiratory system.

Switching the snacks between meals could be substituted with dry fruits. Dry fruits are good for health and curb hunger for many hours. All dry fruits and nuts could help for this reason.

Raisins are also a natural sugar source with extra nutrients and minerals. The best way to consume raisins is by soaking them in water for the whole night and eat them in the morning. Many people love raisins in their bowl of cereal, milkshakes, and smoothies, substituting sugar.

It is also helpful for people who are following a weight loss diet and craving for something sweet. Raisins are better than all other desserts made with processed sugar. it doesn’t affect the daily calories much or increase blood sugar. the vitamins and iron in raisins work on immunity and save people from frequently falling sick.

Surprisingly, raisins are also rich in fiber which is helpful against digestive issues particularly bloating and constipation.

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All this suggests all weight watchers add jaggery and raisins in their diet and cut sugar. This way they can satisfy their sweet tooth without stuffing the body with empty calories. However, both jaggery and raisins should be consumed in moderation. A high amount of these two can also cause weight gain.

Older patients of diabetes should consult their doctors before using these daily. In addition to the dietary changes, add light to moderate exercise in the routine to burn the calories, and be healthy.


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