Ten dietary untruths that the industry love to spin

Dr. Philip Goglia, WBC Nutrition Committee Chairman, airs his latest Boxing Nutrition review on some unthruths flying around on dieting.

Lie #1: Food is the problem.
Reality: Food is not the problem. Your relationship with food is the problem.

Lie #2: You need to starve and deprive yourself to lose weight.
Reality: You need to eat more to fire up your metabolism to lose weight.

Lie #3: You need to eat a certain type of food to lose weight.
Reality: You need to understand your metabolic type and eat food suited to your profile.

Lie #4: There is a magical one-size-fits-all diet.
Reality: If a diet doesn’t sync up with your metabolic type you will fail.

Lie #5: If you’re overweight it’s because you eat too much and lack discipline.
Reality: If you’re overweight it’s because you eat too little and are trying to overcome your metabolic type with will power.

Lie #6: It’s OK to skip meals, but never skip a workout.
Reality: It’s OK to skip workouts, but never skip a meal.

Lie #7: Drink expensive sports drinks, protein shakes and eat magical frozen meals and diet bars to see results.
Reality: Water and simple food provide the best nutrients for the human body. If you want quality protein eat fish, chicken, steak or eggs. Eat vegetables and fruit.


Lie #8: A new exercise gadget or approach holds the key to weight loss.
Reality: Kitchen first. Gym second. Exercise will never fix or compensate for nutritional problems.

Lie #9: This new diet holds the key to the perfect body.
Reality: There is no such thing as a perfect body. Only your body. Take care of it, enjoy it and cherish it.

Lie #10: This star used our diet to lose weight. It must work.
Reality: The star is being paid 100s of thousands to endorse their product and just as much to keep their weight down. Often through unhealthy methods. Only a diet that suits your metabolic profile has any chance of working. Save your money.

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