This Desi-Style Keto Paneer Roll Will Make Your Weight Loss Journey A Delicious Affair


Keto diet works the best for the ones looking for quick weight lossYou get a plethora of healthy and tasty dishes in keto dietDesi-style keto-friendly paneer roll is sure to please your palate

Ketogenic diet (also called keto diet) in the recent past has gained a fair share of fan base. It is one fad diet that several celebrities swear by. Here, carbohydrate is eliminated from the diet and substituted by good fat to refuel our body with the lost energy. This reduction of carbohydrate puts the body in the metabolic state of ketosis that further helps burning excess fat in our body. In fact, keto diet works the best for the ones looking to shed some extra kilos in a short span of time.

Besides having a quick effect on weight, this diet is equally popular for being a meal plan that includes all things yummy and appetising. It is one such diet where you don’t have to completely give up on delicious food to lose weight. Instead, you get a plethora of healthy and tasty dishes that satisfy the soul to the fullest.

Keeping this in mind, we bring you a desi-style keto-friendly paneer roll that is sure to offer a burst of flavours to your palate. All you have to do is, prepare spicy tawa paneer for the filling and replace the wheat wrap with cabbage leaves. Let’s find out the complete recipe!

Here’s The Recipe Of Desi-Style Keto Paneer Roll:


Paneer- 1 cup, cubes

Ginger-garlic paste- 1 teaspoon

Jeera powder- 1 teaspoon

Tandoori masala- 1-2 teaspoon (click here for recipe)

Kashmiri red chilli powder- half teaspoon

Butter- 1 tablespoon

Salt- as per taste

Blanched cabbage leaves- 4

Pudina chutney- 2 teaspoon (click here for recipe)

Lemon juice- if needed

Tomato ketchup


Step 1. Marinate the paneer cubes with ginger garlic paste, jeera powder, tandoori masala, Kashmiri red chilli powder and salt. Keep it aside for 30 minutes.

Step 2. Heat a tawa and add butter to it.

Step 3. Add the marinated paneer and fry then well.

Step 4. Take the blanched cabbage leaves and roast them till the edges of the leaves get slightly burnt.

Step 5. Now, take a leaf, add some paneer cubes, half teaspoon pudina chutney and some tomato sauce on it. Add some lemon juice if needed.


Step 6. Roll the leaves and relish.

What are you waiting for? Add this dish to your keto meal plan and indulge in some yummy food guilt-free.

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