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Most people are troubled by obesity problem due to poor biography and unhealthy food. Weight loss requires regular exercise and diet changes. This helps a lot in weight loss. But people are always looking for ways to make them look healthy and fit in a short time.

Bollywood’s famous actor Akshay Kumar is very popular for his fitness. Even at this age, Akshay looks quite fit and young. Everyone wants to be active and healthy like them. You can also reduce your body fat by adopting some tips given by Akshay Kumar to lose weight.

Exercise everyday: To stay fit, renewable exercises are very important. He walks for an hour regularly and spends an hour every morning. Apart from this, he also recommends stretching exercises, yoga and aerobic exercise. Akshay also plays basketball to strengthen muscles. He advises his fans to do a lot of physical activity.
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Make dinner before 6:30 pm: Bollywood player Akshay Kumar says that dinner should be eaten before 6:30 pm to reduce body fat. After this, nothing should be eaten. The reason for this is that the digestive system of the body works slowly at night. Eating late at night has a bad effect on the body and increases fat significantly.

Avoid junk food: When it comes to weight loss, Akshay is the first to give up junk food. Actually, most of the people are very fond of eating junk food, which makes it very difficult to lose weight. Stopping the consumption of junk food and more sweet beverages does not increase the amount of calories in the body. This does not increase body fat and keeps weight control.
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Eat a balanced diet:It is very important to consume healthy diet for weight loss. Akshay starts his day with paranthas and a glass of milk. In addition, they also consume fresh fruit juice. Apart from this, they like to eat pulses, brown rice, vegetables, lean meats and curd in lunch. Akshay says, ‘To reduce body fat, one should eat light food at night. Due to this, food is easily digested and weight control is maintained.

Eat quinoa in breakfast, energy will be maintained throughout the day

Drink ghee: It may be a little surprising to know this, but for weight loss, Akshay Kumar recommends consuming ghee. Actually, weight gain usually occurs due to repeated eating habits. But consuming ghee keeps the stomach full for a long time and does not cause hunger again and again. This keeps your weight under control and does not increase body fat either. Akshay Kumar’s adoption of this tips helps a lot in weight loss. If you are troubled by obesity, you can control it to a great extent by changing your lifestyle and diet.


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