Breakfast or lunch: What’s a better time to have a cheat meal?

Your cheat meal is more likely to be loaded with carbs, fat or sugar. Having any of these things in breakfast can lead to digestive issues. Your breakfast should be in general healthy and balanced. That’s because in the morning our metabolism is slow due to lack of energy and our stomach might have difficulty in digesting heavy meals. Having food loaded with carbs and fat can put extra pressure on your stomach which might cause gastric issues, ingestion and heartburn.

Secondly, in the morning we are famished due to overnight fasting. Imagine if at that time your favourite food is served in front of you. You will definitely overeat, which can easily sabotage your weight loss goal. Having a cheat meal is good, but overeating is not. Even when indulging in your favourite food, do not forget about the calories. The number is important to stay on track.

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