Include these 5 high-protein, low-calorie foods in your diet to treat obesity, get fit

Include these 5 high-protein, low-calorie foods in your diet to treat obesity, get fit&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images

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Food and diet play a major role in weight loss, and helping you stay fitter

High-protein and low-calorie foods help you lose weight, and build muscle mass at the same time

Here are 5 foods you should add to your diet to achieve your fitness goals

New Delhi: Losing weight and staying fit is only possible with a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, apart from generally eating healthy and staying physically active, everybody requires something unique and specific at certain points. While low-calorie foods play a major role in helping you shed the pounds, high-protein foods help in building muscles, and help you stay and look fitter.

With so many foods available in the market that claim to help in getting fit, it can be difficult to choose the right foods for yourself. Here is a list of 5 foods that are both high in protein, but low in calories, and therefore help in losing weight. These foods, at the same time, also help in building muscle mass.

5 high-protein, low-calorie foods you should add to your diet

Lean meats – Lean meats such as chicken and others are rich in various nutrients, especially protein. Such meats are also low in calories. However, these meats should only be eaten grilled or boiled, as frying them can increase the calorie content.
Soy – Soy is one of the richest sources of protein in a vegetarian diet. Consuming soy can help to provide for the protein requirements of the body. Soy is also low in calories, and therefore perfect for a weight loss diet.
Eggs – Eggs make for a great breakfast option for a weight loss and fitness diet. They are super rich in protein, and low in calories, which makes them a popular choice of food among fitness enthusiasts.
Nuts and seeds – Nuts and seeds make for a great mid-day snack for weight loss and fitness meals. They are rich in protein, low in calories, and also rich in certain good fats that help in keeping the body healthy.
Low-fat dairy foods – Low-fat dairy foods such as cottage cheese, low-fat milk, or yoghurt are great ways to add protein to your diet. They are also low in calories, and very filling. They make sure you stay satiated for a longer period of time and help in weight loss by curbing appetite.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet. 

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