Weight loss consultant on how accepting she was addicted to food helped her shed six stone

A weight loss consultant told how accepting she was addicted to food helped her shed six stone.

For the past decade, Dublin mum-of-three Martine Curtis has been a Slimming World consultant helping hundreds to shed the pounds.

The 57-year-old told the Irish Mirror how she’s battled her weight all her life.

Martine said: “I had originally lost six stone but regained three due to life events, losing my mother and illness.

“I had to come to the realisation that food is an addiction, just like drink, drugs and alcohol.

“I am and always will be a
food addict, I go to food for comfort, when I’m happy and when I’m sad.

“When I lost the six stone I thought, ‘Great, I’m fixed now,
this is it, I’m sorted’.

“I was devastated that I would have to eat this substance at least three times a day and have to manage this and not let this control my life.

“I am not tall, I’m 5ft 2ins and I was almost 18 stone, I wasn’t happy.

“There’s no shame in the fact I put on some more weight.

“I know how to lose weight – eat less and move more, I could write a book on it.

Martine Curtis weight loss after

“Every January I used to rock up to whatever weight loss group was going.

“Fad diets, shakes, Slim Fast, I did all of them, but none of them could keep three stone off for 10 years.

“I lost four stone in a year with Slimming World and then I went on to be a consultant in Celbridge and Clondalkin, I lost another stone the following year.

“But you get busy and take your eye off the ball and all of a sudden I lost my mum in 2018.”

When it comes to sustaining weight loss Martine advised: “You need to believe you can do it and you’re half way there.

“Find food you enjoy, respect the food that’s going to lead
you down a leafy lane.

“It’s all about headspace, don’t just try to lose weight, try to find out what it’s hiding.

“We need to look beyond the food and ask ourselves, ‘Why are we doing the things we do?’”

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