Tamarind Benefits: 5 Interesting Ways To Add Imli To Your Diet (With Recipes)

Tamarind contains dietary fibres that promote digestion and stimulates better metabolism


Imli is a storehouse of tartaric acid – a powerful antioxidantTamarind can be considered a smart addition to any weight loss dietImli is a great source of vitamin C and contains antiseptic properties

The very thought of tamarind reminds us of imli chutney, imli candies and all things tangy and flavourful. It is one such Indian fruit that takes every one of us back to our childhood in no time. Extensively used as condiment in various traditional recipes, this sweet-tart fruit holds a special place in every Indian kitchen. Alongside its versatile usage in the culinary world, imli is also known for its various health benefits. It has been a part of traditional medical practice since centuries.

Health Benefits Of Tamarid (Imli):

Speaking about its benefits, Delhi-based nutritionist Lokendra Tomar stated. “Imli is a storehouse of tartaric acid that is known to be a powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant further helps protect our body from several free radical damages.”It contains dietary fibres that promote digestion and stimulates better metabolism.Tamarind can also be considered a smart addition to any weight loss diet due to its hydroxycitric acid-content. This compound helps restraining the storage of excess fat in our body.As per experts, tamarind is a great source of vitamin C and contains antiseptic properties that help strengthening immunity and protect us from various bacterial and viral infections.Imliis a storehouse of vitamin A that may lower the risk of several eye-related problems. It is also known to protect us from issues like dry eyes and eye inflammation.

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How To Include Imli In Our Daily Diet (With Recipes):

Keeping all its benefits in mind, we bring you some interesting and fun ways to add imli to your everyday meal for an overall healthy and well-balanced food habit.

1. Inji Puli (Tamarind-Based Chutney):

The very first thing one can associate with imli is chutney. It is spicy, tangy and adds a burst of flavours to your meal in a jiffy. If you look around, you will find various imli chutney recipes across India. We bring you a South Indian-style chutney recipe, called inji puli, which can be easily paired with rice or roti for a delicious meal. Click here for recipe.

2. Imli Sharbat:

This sweet-spicy-tangy cooler is the ultimate drink one can look for! Made with tamarind, coriander leaves and some common spices, imli sharbat strikes just the right balance between health and taste. Click here for recipe.

3. Sambar (Tamarind-Based Dal):

Think tamarind dal and the first name that comes in mind is a humble bowl of sambar. Made with arhar dal, tamarind pulp, sambar masala, curry leaves and more, this dal is a popular choice among several people across India. Click here for recipe.


4. Tamarind Rice:

Looking for a simple recipe to put together a quick and comforting meal on the busiest or the laziest of the days? We have got the perfect dish for you. It is called tamarind rice. A North Indian version of Pulihora, this recipe is quick, simple and can be whipped up with the leftover rice from the last meal. Click here for recipe.

5. Ambal (Tamarind-Based Sabzi):

If you are someone who love that tangy flavour in your meal, then ambal is a must-try for you! An important dish in the Dogri cuisine, it is made with pumpkin, tamarind, jaggery and a pool of spices. Pair with dal-chawal, rajma-chawal or roti and paratha and relish your meal. Click here for recipe.

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