Easy Tweaks To Lose Weight The Lazy Way

Many experts say you should drink a glass of water between every alcohol drink you consume, but let’s face it, that practice rarely happens according to plan. You should try and drink a couple of glasses of water before you go to bed, and a couple aspirin wouldn’t hurt, either

If water and aspirin aren’t cutting it, some might say to reach for one of those “sports drinks” to replenish electrolytes.  Those work alright, but from personal experience, this writer recommends Pedialyte. Pedialyte contains less sugar but more sodium and potassium. Seriously…don’t knock it until you try it.

We’re about to enter the holiday season when weight gain is amount the highest of the year. Let’s get things in check before they get too out of hand.

Being a strict vegan or dedicated Crossfitter may help you keep the pounds off, but we’re not all that motivated. Some of us are looking for ways to hit our weight loss goals that don’t require as much effort and these small tweaks can help. These are tips for the lazy types who want to lose weight without having to step on a treadmill and science says they work.

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