6 Stretches That Can Reduce Back Pain And Body Stiffness Effectively

Lower back pain can be caused by long hours of sitting, being physically inactive and several other reasons. Here are a few stretching exercises that can help you with the concern.

Lower back pain: Avoid sitting for long hours at a stretch to prevent it


You must do stretching exercises before and after your workout

They can help in reducing stiffness in the body

They can also help in reducing lower back pain and body pain

Do you stretch before your workout? If not, then you must. Stretching before and after your workout can help in reducing stiffness in muscles. Stretching exercises can be a part of both warm up and cool down. It prepares your body for exercise before a workout, and helps your body cool down by reducing any soreness or cramps that your muscles may be experiencing after a workout. Moreover, stretching before and after your workout can help you make continuous progress with your weekly workouts.

Lower back pain: Know how stretching exercises can help

The following stretching routine will not just help you with the aforementioned concerns, but will also help in reducing pain and stiffness in your lower back. It was shared by Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines

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It can be especially helpful since work from home and the need for staying indoors has made many people become more sedentary. Long hours of sitting and not being very physically active can result in weight gain, back pain, knee pain and several other health issues.

Long hours of sitting can cause back pain
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But, if lower back pain is specifically giving you a hard time, then these stretching exercises can be really helpful. Apart from doing them before and after your workout, you can also do this workout anytime, anywhere.

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The workout includes 6 stretches, that need no equipment. Here are the exercises:

Alternating Knee Hug – 30 secs
Supine Glutes – 60 secs (30 per side)
Thoracic Rotation – 30 secs (15 per side)
Obliques – 60 secs (30 per side)
90/90 – 60 secs (30 per side)
Forward Fold – 30 secs

Watch the video below to see how each exercise can be done. Make sure you get the technique right to reap maximum benefits from the workout. Do this workout several times in a day, or every day, to get relief from lower back pain effectively.


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