Nine tips for coping with a cancer diagnosis

Remember that asking for help or allowing others to support us does not make us weak (Shutterstock)

One of the worst news one can receive is a cancer diagnosis, especially considering it’s the second leading cause of death globally. But even with a cancer diagnosis, it’s important to remain positive as the possibility of getting cured is high and with advancement in modern medicine, there are more survival cases now than before.

Also, not all the stages of cancer are severe. If cancer is detected in its early stages, then chances of recovery are even higher. Despite your diagnosis, it’s important to keep your head high, not to lose hope and surround yourself with people who support and love you.

We highlight some tips you can consider to help you cope with your cancer diagnosis.

i.Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes exercising and eating a balanced diet. This will prepare your body for the treatment and also boost your immune system in fighting the cancer.

ii.Allow support from friends and family

It is common to think we can handle the worst situations on our own, but asking for help or allowing others to support us does not make us weak.


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During this period, you need as much support as possible, both physically and emotionally. One can only imagine how hard taking yourself to those doctors’ appointments might be without getting some help and a little push.

iii.Join a support group

Support groups are very important as they remind us that we are not alone. Support groups give hope and the much-needed support and no-one would be able to understand what you are going through like a person who is going through the same thing.

iv.Fight stigmas

Commonly, the first thing that comes to mind when someone gets a cancer diagnosis is that that’s the end of the road for them. To counter these demoralizing sentiments, you need to encourage yourself and look forward to the numerous treatment possibilities.

After your diagnosis, you should not withdraw from your family and friends (Shutterstock)

v.Keep lines of communication open

After getting your diagnosis, you should not withdraw from your family and friends. Well, you might need a minute to let the news sink in but it’s important to notify at least one person as you wait to break the news to the rest. Don’t shut out the people who are only trying to support you as that’s only a sure way to falling into depression

vi.Anticipate physical and emotional changes

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It’s important to research on the possible physical and emotional changes. It’s not easy to accept a physical change that will negatively affect how you see yourself. You may experience extreme weight loss, hair loss and skin changes which may end up affecting you emotionally. When you accept these changes beforehand, it easing into them will be less daunting.

vii.Try maintain your normal lifestyle

As tempting as it is to quit your job and stay locked in, you need to maintain your normal lifestyle. You might not be as proactive as before but you can go for lunch with your friends and attend social gatherings as they offer a good distraction and will help boost your mental stability as you deal with the news.

viii.Consider the impact it will have on you financially

Cancer treatment is not cheap even when you have medical insurance. It’s important that as soon as you get your diagnosis you start planning your finances. This might mean you need to downsize on a couple of things especially if you are the family’s breadwinner.

ix.Ask questions

It’s important to ask questions in regards to treatment recovery, payments, medication, among other concerns. This will help you plan for the future even as you seek a second opinion on your choices.

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