This Busy Business Owner Lost 90 Lb. Without Doing Any Intense Cardio–Just Make These Small Changes!

As the founder of kuudose, a digital wellness and fitness platform, Danielle Payton does not seem like someone who has ever struggled with her weight.

The reality is that Danielle has undergone a 90 Lb. weight loss transformation by focusing on sustainable lifestyle changes–including diet and exercise–that worked for her and her body.

Keep reading for her tips for success!

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Danielle Payton

First, when getting started on this journey of trying to lose weight, it’s important to figure out what motivates you–and how you will be able to sustain these changes.


She tells SheFinds, “You have to be mentally ready when going into a major weight loss journey. If you are doing it for the wrong reasons, chances are you will either a) not complete it or b) not be able to sustain it.”


“Do it for YOU and know not only is it worth it, but YOU are worth it… the journey is not easy, and often at times frustrating,” she continues.


Once you find that motivation, focus on creating a healthy lifestyle that works for you.


In Danielle’s case, that means switching to a Low FODMAP diet, but you should individualize your approach for what your body needs.


She explains, “Find what works for you! Through trial and error, amongst being diagnosed with Endometriosis (and already diagnosed with PCOS), I was introduced to a high protein, low carb diet. More specifically, I went Low FODMAP. I credit this diet with much of the success as this is the only ‘diet’ that I have found works for my body.”


She adds, “With that being said, transitioning to a Low FODMAP ‘diet,’ is more than just a ‘diet’… it has become a lifestyle.”


Establishing a consistent exercise routine can also help keep you motivated, but that does not mean you have to start with intense cardio. In fact, Danielle actually found success by doing the opposite.


She explains, “As a former athlete, I thought intense cardio, and always increasing my weights would help me shed pounds and keep the weight off… little to my surprise that was possibly my demise. Low impact workouts are what works for me. Every body is made differently. Cult workouts may work for some, but not all. Since March, I not only have solely done the workouts on kuudose, my new wellness platform, but swear by them and my body is living proof!”


As for other tips and tricks to lose weight beyond the broader lifestyle changes, Danielle has a few: no carbonated drinks or caffeine and no skipping meals (especially not breakfast).


She also warns against ignoring your cravings, which can result in you overindulging later in the day. Instead, try to find healthier ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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