RHOC star Heather Dubrow follows this diet to stay slim

The second phase of the Dubrow Diet is a bit more lenient allowing participants to opt for a 12, 14, or 16-hour fasting window. However, they are quick to remind readers that the longer you fast, the quicker one is apt to lose the weight. And just like with phase one, there are still dietary restrictions the participants must adhere to, but they are able to increase both their fat and fruit intake by one serving. And during this phase, “above ground” veggies are no longer off-limits. Give us all the sweet potatoes!

The key to the third phase, however, is simply maintenance a.k.a. what the Dubrows refer to as “Look Hot While Living Like a Human.” In this phase, the Dubrow Diet advises participants to continue with their “interval eating,” but now they are no longer restricted to an approved list of foods, portions are no longer restricted, and they don’t have to adhere to certain types of foods. So, yeah… pretty much just intermittent fasting… forever.

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