Does black coffee help you lose weight? Here’s what you need to know

Nothing pleases a coffee lover more than finding another reason why coffee is good for them. Consuming coffee has long been tied to various health benefits. Some studies have also shown that consuming black coffee in moderation offer a multitude of health benefits, and weight loss is one of them. But, does it really help you lose weight? We talked to Dietician Sweedal Trinidade, Senior Officer Dietetics (HOD), P.D. Hinduja Hospital and MRC to understand the effects of black coffee on your weight. Here’s what she has to say. Also Read – 5 foods that are a must in your alkaline diet

Black coffee suppresses hunger

Black coffee contains caffeine, which is a natural stimulant that suppresses hunger. It heightens metabolic activity along with increasing energy levels in the body. While it is a natural appetite suppressant, Dietician Trinidade doesn’t think of it as the best way to shed extra kilos. Starving yourself to the point of lightheadedness isn’t the best way to lose weight. Also Read – This is the best time to eat eggs for weight loss

Contains chlorogenic acid which helps in weight loss

Yes, coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which is a key ingredient in weight loss. The presence of chlorogenic acid slows down the production of glucose in the body and decreases the production of new fat cells. This means lesser calories in the body, which means weight loss. So, it can help you lose weight if you include it in your diet along with physical activity and other dietary changes. However, you need to seek professional advice before you include it in your diet. Also Read – 5 best ketogenic foods to burn that stubborn belly fat

Cleanses your stomach

Ever felt the urge to pee after chugging on a cup of black coffee? This is because it contains a diuretic effect that leads to frequent urination. It is claimed that it can help you get rid of water weight. But according to Dt. Trinidade “Coffee is a natural diuretic that does lead to frequent urination, but it is only a temporary effect. There is no evidence to prove that coffee helps you get rid of water weight.”

Why shouldn’t you rely on black coffee for weight loss?

“Coffee stimulates the system and makes you feel more alert. It is low in calories and does not let you put on weight. However, consuming too much caffeine can have a negative reaction on the body because it can sap your body’s supply of some vitamins and minerals,” she explained.

“It is also not a good option for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases as coffee increases your heart rate to some extent. People who are advised to restrict liquids should also avoid coffee.”

Factors such as diet and predisposed health conditions should be taken into consideration before incorporating coffee in your weight loss diet. At most, you should consume one cup of coffee every day. However, don’t depend on coffee for weight loss as it alone cannot help you get rid of excess weight. Moreover, coffee can make you feel dehydrated and cause muscle cramps and pain. Try to include something that hydrates the system like water, lime water or water with electrolytes in it.

In conclusion, coffee is not the best option if you are someone trying to lose weight. While consuming a cup of black coffee is not harmful, consuming too much caffeine can be contraindicative. You can enjoy coffee as a beverage but should consider other factors such as your health and reason for weight gain before incorporating it in your diet. The most effective way to lose weight is by eating a healthy diet and doing physical exercise.

Published : November 7, 2020 1:13 pm

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