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We all want to lose weight in the most fast and effective, that is why all kinds of dietary trends and patterns that promise the best results. Among the most popular in recent years is the ketogenic and paleo diet, which are distinguished by being plans based on a low carbohydrate intake and in large part for this reason is that this group of foods have been classified as a declared enemy of weight loss.

The truth is that despite the bad reputation for carbohydrates, especially in regards to weight loss. The truth is that they are not badthere are simply some that are healthier than others and are in fact related to various health benefits, since the body needs them to function properly.

Carbohydrates are a macronutrient type found in a long list of food and drinks, of course, the most worrisome for health are those found in processed products. However most of the carbohydrate sources are in foods of natural origin, as is the case of cereals, fruits, vegetables, milk, nuts, seeds and legumes. Probably Pasta be one of the carbohydrate variants most popular, which unfortunately has also been considered a counterproductive food in weight loss and the reality is that it is a false belief.

Can pasta benefit weight loss?

If you are used to relate to carbohydrate consumption As the main enemy to lose weight, a recent study will probably change your mind. According to the research work published by the BMJ Open magazine, which had like main objective determine if consumption is paste is related to weight loss; yielded surprising results, as they found that people actually they lost weight while eating pasta.

The study was based on the analysis of 32 randomized control trials of about 2,500 people, who followed a low glycemic index diet (IG) and above all that they consumed pasta instead of any other carbohydrate source.

It is worth mentioning that the GI is a very important concept in health since it is used to assess the speed with which food affects the blood sugar levels. In such a way that there are foods that are characterized by being high glycemic index, which are generally processed foods and simple carbohydrate sources as is the case with white rice, potatoes and white bread. While the healthy versions are foods such as milk, fruit, vegetables and some cereals, and yes the pasta.

Base your diet on foods from low glycemic index, is related to a long list of benefits for facilitate weight loss. Among the main ones, its satiating properties, that helped to control anxiety about eating and excessive calorie intake, reduce insulin levels, which causes weight loss and improve cholesterol levels, avoiding the accumulation of lipids in the arteries.

In this study the participants consumed 3.3 servings of approximately mhalf a cup of pasta weekly, for 3 consecutive months. The results revealed that following this nutritional method in complement with a balance diet, made them lose a just over a pound on average.

As a conclusion we can say that pasta is no enemy, what can be harmful is eat large portions and above all mix it with ingredients that They shine for their caloric content and high fat content. Specialists recommend consume it with caution and be inspired by Mediterranean diet that promotes the consumption of wheat pasta Y “Al dente”. It is also advisable to season it with extra virgin olive oil Y homemade tomato sauce (It is important to avoid commercial versions, as they have a lot of sugar), mix it with proteins of high biological value Y abundant vegetables, results in a complete, nutritious and satisfying meal. Without a doubt the best ally for boost metabolism, fill the body with energy and benefit weight loss, without starving.

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