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Health Tips: Both cumin and coriander are known to increase the flavor of food. But according to Ayurveda, both of them are full of many medicinal properties. Use of cumin and coriander is more beneficial than it is effective in cooking, their water, which in Ayurveda, has been said to be the most accurate way to keep the digestive system fine. This is just a glimpse. Come today, along with the characteristics of these two, who is better at losing weight – also give detailed information about it.

Miraculous properties of cumin and coriander
According to a scientific research, where a good amount of digestive enzyme is found in cumin, which works to speed up digestion. Consuming cumin helps digest the diet and excrete it from the body through feces. On the other hand, coriander not only helps in eliminating stomach problems, but it is also considered beneficial in increasing your digestive power.

Cumin and coriander – which is more beneficial in weight loss

1. To burn fat
Both cumin and coriander spices are known for their digestive properties. Even cumin water is considered to be better for digestion as it helps in fat loss and improves digestion while impacting on the health of your intestine. Although coriander also improves the digestive system, it does not burn fat like cumin.

2.To detoxify the body
Drinking coriander and cumin water in the morning helps in releasing toxins from your body. In addition, both these are found in high amounts of antioxidant elements. If you want, you can use these two together by making powder.

3. To reduce cholesterol
Coriander not only gives a smell to food but it is beneficial in reducing your cholesterol level. For people whose weight is increasing rapidly, it is important that they keep their cholesterol right. Actually, controlling cholesterol for people suffering from obesity can save them from many diseases. So in such a situation, boiling coriander seeds and drinking its water can prove to be an effective solution.

4. To reduce the appetite
Use of cumin helps in reducing your hunger as it keeps your stomach full for a long time, due to which it is also helpful in reducing obesity for you. Also, cumin promotes healthy enzymes in the body that help digest food. In this way, if you grind and use cumin in the food, then the food will digest easily and it will also prevent the accumulation of fat in the body.

You have seen that cumin and coriander are beneficial for weight loss in various ways. But talk about the most beneficial of these two, then it is cumin. Cumin helps control glucose and bad cholesterol in your body. Additionally, it is also effective in better absorption of fats and other nutrients, which maintains metabolism. So if you want to lose weight fast, then drink cumin water every morning.

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