Manjula Ghattamaneni Unveiled The New Products YouTube Series On Her Birthday

Manjula Ghattamaneni, sister of Mahesh Babu, has launched her YouTube channel and website some months back, and now, she is taking her journey to the next level. She is launching a new series on weight loss on her YouTube channel. In the current times, obesity and overweight have become common issues, and these issues are leading to several lifestyle diseases. To address weight loss in a healthy and organic way, she is launching this new series.

In this series, she will be sharing her personal journey of weight loss and her tips and learnings to shed excess weight. She believes in a permanent and healthy weight loss that brings high energy levels, good health, and joy.

She is not only launching her weight loss series on her YouTube channel but is also coming up with her own line of organic products, which promote weight loss and healthy living. Her range of products includes A2 cow ghee, cold-pressed oils, rose water etc. These are all organic and personally used by Manjula.

When asked about the inspiration behind launching these products, she says, “One thing I learned in my weight loss journey is we are what we eat. But many times, I find it hard to source healthy organic food. So, I do not want others to go through what I went through. I want to make it easy for everyone to consume healthy food. Hence, I am launching my own brand of food products.

I am starting with organic cold press oils, ghee, apple cider vinegar, rose water. These are pure, certified organic products. These are all the products I personally use and believe in. I do not talk or endorse anything that I don’t believe in. Do visit my youtube channel and website to know more. I can’t wait for you to check it out.”

We wish Manjula good luck in her new journey!

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