5 Ways Fruit Can Help You Lose Weight

Eat more of nature’s dessert, and you’ll do your body a world of good. Fruits are excellent sources of essential vitamins and minerals, inflammation-fighting antioxidants, and many are among some of the best high-fiber foods. Eating a diet high in fruits (and vegetables) can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and age-related functional decline, according to a review published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Eating fruit can also help you lose weight!

Low in calories and high in satiating fiber, fruit makes the perfect weight-loss weapon.

But you have to make sure you eat enough fruits to reap any of their benefits—and many of us aren’t. The 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends eating 2 cups of fruit per day; however, USDA food consumption surveys find that the average American falls far short—consuming less than 1 cup of fruit daily. Only 1 in 4 Americans eats the recommended amount of fruit per day.

Read on to discover how eating fruit can help you lose weight. But before you start, keep this in mind: while the simple act of increasing your fruit intake will benefit your overall health—including regulating your weight—eating more fruit without changing the rest of your diet won’t be enough to help you lose weight, according to Purdue University researchers. You’ll also want to pair your increased fruit intake with these The 22 Best Tips To Start Losing Weight, According to Dietitians for the most effective diet plan.

Read on, and for more on how to eat healthy, make sure you avoid these 100 Unhealthiest Foods on the Planet.

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