Winter Weight Loss: How To Make Methi And Ajwain Paratha For Healthy Breakfast

Weight loss is no cakewalk, but with right food choices it can become much less daunting


Weight loss could be an overwhelming affairYou can experiment with a range of Indian foodsYou should include seasonal foods in youre diet

Planning to shed those extra kilos around your waist? Good idea, we say. Now that everybody has jumped upon the fitness bandwagon, why should you lag behind? Weight loss is no cakewalk, you would have to do away with some of your favourite food. But this does not necessarily mean that you have to adopt an alien diet and eat foods you have never even heard of, let alone tried. Scores of nutritionists recommend eating local and seasonal food, as the idea is to not shock your body. You would be surprised to know about the range of Indian foods that may help you through this phase. Indian food has an unfair reputation of being unhealthy, oily and calorie-laden. If consumed the right way, you could lose weight with the food you have grown up eating.

This methi-ajwain paratha could be seen as a fine example. Yes, parathas are known to be oily and greasy, but when you are making it at home, you can cut back on oil. And also opt for healthier flour like whole wheat. Whole wheat flour or atta is loaded with fibre. Fibre does not get metabolised too soon, imparting a feeling of fullness. If you feel full, you would naturally keep a safe distance from fattening snacks or nibbles and thus manage your weight loss in an effective way.

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Paratha is a popular Indian breakfast

Speaking of fibre, the seasonal surprise methi is also enriched with copious amounts of good quality fibre that does not only keep your weight in check, but blood sugar levels too. Additionally, it is also an excellent source  of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Other flavourful additions to the paratha are ajwain or carom seeds, red chilli powder, coriander powder, green chillies, ghee and beans.

Together this combination makes for a heart and wholesome stuffing for the paratha. Once you have made kneaded the dough, make sure it is not too sticky or too tight, nobody likes tough parathas, right. Roll them out flat, grease your tawa with little bit of ghee. Ghee is actually considered as a better alternative to oil, by many nutritionists, for blood sugar and weight management. But do be very careful with the amount here. Too much of ghee may derail your weight-loss journey. Once your tawa is hot, cook the paratha on both sides. Serve hot with curd.


Here’s the full step-by-step recipe of the methi and ajwain paratha.

Try it and let us know your thoughts.

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