Tanushree Dutta weight loss journey

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Key Highlights

Tanushree Dutta has lost about 15 to 17 kilos

The actress is ready to make a comeback in Bollywood

In an exclusive chat with us, she opens up about her weight loss journey and more

Recently, Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta took everyone by surprise. The actress left everyone in awe with her transformation pictures. She went from being healthy to being extremely fit. And her transformation has left all of us spellbound. Through her Instagram post, Tanushree informed one and all that she has lost about 15 to 17 kilos. And now, she is ready to begin her second innings in the Hindi film industry.

In an exclusive interview with Times Now Digital, Tanushree opened up about her weight loss journey, the remarks that were passed at her when she used to weigh heavier, her diet plan, the reason why she reduced her weight and more.

Excerpts from the chat:

I decided to lose weight to make a comeback to Bollywood

“Ya, that was a particular reason. I was healthy and fit in terms of my body and shape, I was okay. I was not obese. For screen, I thought if I dropped a few pounds, I would look even better. So I started working on that. From last year I started weight training again. I was doing Yoga earlier and walking. But weight training produces very quick results and also it gives a definition to the body. I started that and I continued it. And then the pandemic hit and gyms shut down, it spoiled my plans a little bit. But to combat that and compensate for the lack of gym training and weight training during the lockdown, I changed my diet completely.”

I completely cut down on carbs

“My diet earlier was everything pretty much in proportion. I cut down carbs completely for the five to six months when the lockdown was fully in effect and gyms were shut. Since I was in the mountains, I would go out walking for 2 and a half hours every day. I would go hiking. Apart from that, I cut down sugar completely. So no carbs- no rice, roti and sugar, maida at all. Now if you cut down sugar, you have to cut down milk. Because most of the time when you consume sugar, it is with tea and coffee. I started having green tea and black coffee, both without milk and sugar.

I don’t have coffee so much but I am a regular tea drinker. So I would have four cups of green tea throughout the day. So basically, I also started consuming hot water throughout the day. I would start my day with hot water and lemon to cut down the fat. And for this diet, I did brisk walking for two hours every alternate day. Yoga from time to time and complete a disciplined outlook toward food consumption. I would have fruit salads and vegetable salads.”

I followed intermittent fasting

“So for five months that I lost the bulk of the weight was when I was following this stringent diet. And of course, before that I lost 7 kilos, I actually lost 15 to 17 kilos. The first 7 kilos I lost because of weight training and gym training with a low carb diet. And the next 10 kilos, I lost with a no-carb diet and no sugar diet. I also followed an intermittent fast schedule. Intermittent fasting is known to help reduce fat. In fact, a lot of athletes, health fitness experts, and Hollywood celebrities have been recommending this intermittent fasting. I read about it a lot and wanted to try it. Since I was living in the mountains, there was not much really to do, so I thought why not focus on my diet, cook my own meal, follow this intermittent fasting and see. I employed all the tricks and tools that I had together.”

I loved cheating with bagels and cream cheese

“Ya, I had cheat days. I loved cheating with bagels and cream cheese because that’s a very popular American thing to have bagel and cream cheese for breakfast. Instead of having it with breakfast, I would have it in the afternoon and early evening sometimes because I became very mindful of my food. So even when I cheated once in a while on diet, I did not go haywire and got back to my diet. Now my diet has been not so stringent for the last two weeks because I have been with family and there’s the festive season, so my cheat period is going on. But I will get back to my schedule and right now I started intensive weight training.”

People body-shamed me in sneaky ways

“I think, in the last couple of years, when I was maintaining a bigger body frame, I think a lot of people took that as an excuse to body-shame me. Sometimes people can be really sneaky, you rarely come across people who outright call you fat. They said in sneak ways and that hurts you nevertheless. They will say something like that is completely unnecessary. Don’t I know it? People would be like ‘oh you have put on a bit of weight, you are bigger than before.’ Basically unhanded comments. I got a lot of underhanded comments and underhanded compliments, which you can tell the intention of the person the way they are talking to you. You can tell that they don’t have their best interests in me. They say it to put you down and make you feel bad. I did go through that emotional roller coaster.”

I was dealing with a certain kind of health complication

“Although I knew I wasn’t looking bad, I would like myself in the mirror and I would dress up according to my body type. I would look good because I had my friends, family and well-wishers who would compliment me when I would go. So I looked full-figured and I carried myself with grace but then there were those individuals, from time to time, to make it point and point out something in a negative way. I would feel bad and hurt. I still believe that my weight loss is not because I ascribed to any physical standards of beauty.

My weight loss is because my body type has always been on the leaner side and so eventually sooner or later, I had to get back to it. And the second thing is that I was dealing with a certain kind of health complication which I don’t discuss. So because I had to follow a certain kind of diet, it happened in such a way that I did pile on the pounds. Someone once told me that you need to pull up your socks together and you know you need to start getting fitter. And my response was hey I am fit and it is not like I am pulling up my socks. I have certain health conditions that I am working on and because of which I could not be in my lean, skinny shape. I did not need to be. So I had these unnecessary dialogues thrown at me. At that time I would feel and wonder why are people so invested in somebody’s else body. It is nobody’s business.”

The comments made by people were unnecessary

“They (the comments) were irrelevant and unnecessary because I knew I had to lose weight eventually. I knew I would lose the weight when my primary health concern was sorted, which did get sorted. When my primary health concern got sorted, which was causing the weight gain, was taken care of, my weight naturally started losing. I knew that with the holistic healing advice that I had received when some of these things come in balance in your body, your weight will drop. I knew it would inevitably happen. And I knew when I was ready to get back to screen, I will also take steps to work out intensively and losing the extra weight. I did not find any virtue in any of the comments that came my way. Because it is really not their business. If I am maintaining weight, I am obviously happy with it. I may be dealing with something that is inevitable. So that’s why I did come across a lot of uncertainty about my weight.”

People used every connotation of fat

“When I came to India in 2018, you know a certain section of media also circled my pictures and did pre and post stories. Some of it tends to bother you sometimes and you feel bad that they are trying to say that you are not good enough. In the United States, people are a lot more considerate and positive now. We have plus size models out there. We have a big dialogue about body positivity and inclusivity out there and I have lived with that. When I came back, I got comments in all languages. I have heard every possible word in every possible language for fat, except for fat. That much little concern they had of not outright calling me fat. But there was every possible connotation of fat. I would feel bad.”

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