Weight loss: Why you should have garlic on an empty stomach every morning

When talking about Indian cuisine, it is hard to miss garlic. Belonging to the Allium (onion) family, the bulbous vegetable is widely used to add flavour to the food. Its pungent taste and distinct aroma are mainly due to the presence of organosulfur compounds including allicin and ajoene. But the use of garlic is not limited to cooking. It has also been used as a medicine through ancient and modern history. The garlic cloves are consumed in different ways to combat health issues like cold, cough, high blood pressure, arthritis, toothache, constipation and infections. One of the most common ways to consume garlic for health benefits is to have it on an empty stomach in the morning. This practice has been vouched for a long time by Ayurveda. In this article, we will tell you why you should try this home remedy at least once.

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