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Post-Diwali detox: Start with your regular routine as soon as you can


To detox after Diwali, focus on eating your food slowly
Pay full attention to food and sit down while eating
Do not overtain or over-exercise to compensate

Struggling to follow a post-Diwali detox? Here’s what you can do. Avoid soups, salads, smoothies and starvation! Shocked to hear this right? It is important to realise that festivities are meant to be enjoyed and not regretted. Elaborating further on post-Diwali detox and detox in general, is celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar on Instagram. According to the Mumbai-based nutritionist, if you are feeling guilty after enjoying homemade Diwali delicacies, then you are not on a sustainable diet. Here are more facts about detox that you must know.

Here’s the right way to detox 

If you are following a diet which makes you feel guilty or regret celebrating your festivals, then it is not sustainable in nature and you are likely to unfollow it after a point of time. Your diet must always be something that you can follow in all seasons, festivals and occasions.

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1. If you want to detox in a healthy way, get off social media. Say no to the 4s- soups, salads, smoothies and starvation, says Diwekar. Get back to your normal eating routine, and eat your meals in the same way that you have been eating so far. Say no to salads and make sure that you include all food groups in your meals- carbs, protein, fats and fibre.

2. Follow the three 3s for good health. Sit down to eat, focus all your Senses on food and eat Slowly. These 3s can be good enough for helping you with detox. Focusing on your food while eating, without any distractions can help you be aware of your satiety signals, and prevent overeating. Sitting down on the floor to eat, for even one meal in a day, can be good for your digestion. Eating slowly too can help in easing the digestion process for your body.

Avoid overeating and stay away from junk and processed food
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3. Get back on your track with exercising, but do not compensate by over-exercising. It can make you feel excessively fatigued and cause muscle soreness. “Over-exercising and overtraining can increase risk of injury. Get back to normal routine, eat something within 20 mins of exercise and stay hydrated,” Diwekar recommends.

4. To feel like yourself sooner the soon, do three surya namaskars at sunrise and three surya namaskars at sunset. Doing so can help you get back on track, she says in the video.

The idea is to understand that detox is anything but starving yourself or surviving on just salads or following a liquid diet. The more sustainable your lifestyle is, the better is for your weight loss and your overall health.

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