Here’s Proof That He Rules the Fitness Game

Milind Soman turned 55 today. The model who shot to fame with his impressive appearance in pop singer Alisha Chinoi’s Made In India music video continues to retain his good looks and fitness which according to him is due to healthy diet and regular exercise.

However, Milind has been a fitness freak before he became an actor and model. In his memoir, Milind has mentioned how he was a national champion swimmer. In one of his Instagram posts, Milind said that as a former competitive swimmer he used to swim around 65km per week, and as a ‘once in a while’ triathlete he used the pool to prepare for the Ironman and Ultraman events.

At 37, Milind started to train for the very first big-city marathon, the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) (today known as the Tata Mumbai Marathon). Since then, Milind has founded Pinkathon marathon to encourage women to prioritise their health. Milind is often seen wearing the Pinkathon Rajdoot T-shirt promoting his organisation and fitness among women.

The actor also encourages his followers to eat seasonal fruits. In one of the Instagram videos, the model can be seen exercising using a melon. He also shared some tips on how to utilise fruits to their maximum limit. “How many things can you do with a melon? Before you eat it I eat fruits every morning, whatever is seasonal, a whole watermelon, a whole papaya, 5-6 mangoes, some bananas, yes all together sometimes it takes me an hour!!! And then I rub the skins on my face.”

The actor also amazes netizens with his Yoga skills. From Chakrasana in Bali to balancing his posture at his home farm. In one of his other posts Milind also talks about benefits of handstands, “Handstands work your core and improve balance, the whole body is engaged while using your shoulders, arms, core, and back.”

Milind is also known for his peculiar style of running barefoot. In an interview to GQ, Milind explained the logic behind running barefoot. He said our body has evolved over millions of years to be a certain way and to do certain things. “And we know, there are 206 bones in our body, and out of that 26 bones are in our feet. And we’re putting them all inside a shoe. So, the advantage of all those bones and the muscles inside – you’re losing out on them once you put them inside a shoe.”

Happy Birthday Milind Soman!

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