International Men’s Day 2020: Exercises & Basic Diet Plan Every Man Should Follow

International Men’s Day is annually celebrated on November 19 around the world. The main aim for observation of this event is to commemorate men’s achievements and contributions to nations, society, community, family, marriage and childcare. The celebration of International Men’s Day was inaugurated on February 7, 1992, by Thomas Oaster. Considering the theme for International Men’s Day 2020 which is ‘Better Health For Men and Boys’, let us discuss five simple exercises and basic diet plan every man should follow on a daily basis for healthy living. International Men’s Day 2020 FAQs: From ‘Is There An International Men’s Day’ to ‘Theme for Men’s Day 2020’, Most Asked Questions Answered.

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Basic Exercises For Men 

1. Walking – A basic walk or a brisk walk will not only enhance your mood but is also a good cardiovascular exercise. It helps strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat and increase endurance. Walking daily for 30 mins on an inclined surface can be a great exercise for toning up lower body muscles and also reduce weight. International Men’s Day 2020: The Man, Man in the Mirror, Family Man – 5 English Songs to Celebrate This Day.

International Men’s Day 2020: Here Are 5 Simple Exercises & Basic Diet Plan Every Man Should Follow For Healthy Living

2. Cycling – This aerobic exercise is a great stress buster and is very effective in weight loss and fat loss. Cycling at a good pace with good intensity works on major lower body muscles like glutes, quadriceps and calves.

3. Push-Ups – Push-ups are effective for developing your upper body frame and every man should practice it daily for a wider chest and huge upper body. This exercise works on pectoralis muscles, triceps, upper back and even strengthen shoulder joints. Number of Push-Ups You Can Perform Could Indicate Your Heart Attack Risk! Step-by-Step Method to Perform the Exercise Correctly.

Basic Push-Ups Form

4. Squats & Lunges – Just like push-ups, squats and lunges are also primary exercises that are a must for every man for a stronger lower body. These two exercises are necessary for avoiding knee injury and hamstring pull. These exercises help tone quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

Basic Squat Form

Basic Lunges Form 

5. Planks – This exercise is effective for core strength and helps tone abdominal muscles. Planks are callisthenic exercises where isometric movement takes place that helps burn belly fat and simultaneously strengthens the back.

Basic Diet Plan

The golden rule to stay healthy is to have breakfast, lunch, evening meal and dinner on time. The morning meal should be heavy and should be rich in fibre, carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. A bowl of oatmeal with two full eggs is a good breakfast to kickstart your day. Vegetarians can have healthy parathas like methi paratha, ajwain paratha and mooli paratha to name a few along with healthy fruit. Lunch should include chapatis and healthy veggies, green vegetables are recommended. A cup of rice with dal is also fine. Dinner has to be light and minimum carbohydrates should be eaten at that time. The focus should be on salad and protein dishes like chickpeas, sprout, boiled or grilled chicken. Apart from this, it is all about eating healthy foods in smaller units at regular intervals. Also, be sure to have at least eight glasses of water every day.

This International Men’s Day 2020, every man should take an initiative to lead a healthy lifestyle. You can do so by simply following the above-mentioned diet plan and practising exercises on a daily basis. Also, every man should stay stress-free and get maximum sleep.

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