Striving to shed those extra Diwali pounds? A fitness expert shares exercises & tips to get you back in shape

Now that the festive season has passed, we are only starting to realise how many sweets we’ve binged on. Here are some pro tips on how to shed those extra kilos.

Diwali is not just the festival of lights but the festival of sweets as well! From Kaju Katli, motichoor laddoos, pedas and a range of Indian sweets entering our homes, resisting bingeing on them isn”t the easiest thing. In fact, it is very normal to add on a few kilos during the festive season. Now that it has all ended, a lot of people are striving their best to shed those added kilos. 
To help you out and give you tips to make the process easier, celebrity fitness trainer and expert Namrata Purohit talked to us about how one can ease into exercising, the right way to lose weight and more!

How should one ease into exercising? 
If you have never exercised before make sure to start with a personal trainer, this can add a lot of value to your training, customise a plan for you and help prevent injuries. 
Always, start slow to understand the form and your body and ease into a routine. One should try and workout for 25-30 minutes in a day and should repeat the same for at least 3-4 times a week to kickstart your fitness journey. 

Tell us some weight-loss exercises that can be done at home
There’s a lot that can be done at home, and there isn’t a specific exercise that would cause weight loss. It’s a combination of eating well, training smart and resting. 
However, exercises that can be done at home that will burn a lot of calories are jump rope, high knees, burpees, mountain climbers or even just intensive pilates, HIIT or Tabata circuits.

Which exercise burns the most calories?
Generally speaking, exercises that get your heart rate up would burn a lot of calories during the workout, however, strength-based exercises are also essential to ensure burning a lot of calories even post the workout. 

How to tone the stomach and get rid of a belly?
It is essential to eat well, by this I don’t mean eat less but eat enough of the right food. It is also important to exercise regularly, consistency is the key. A mix of cardiovascular exercises, as well as exercises to tone the core area, are great to get those toned abdominal muscles. 

Give us the best exercise for toning legs and hips 

A really great exercise that one can do at home is the hip lift and there are so many different ways to do them. 
Regular hip lifts with feet on the ground, or with feet on a chair, hip lifts with the heels lifted and pressing into the toes, butterfly hip lifts. The possibilities are endless.

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