5 reasons to lose weight eating cucumber and how to use it

The current nutrition trend, invites us to base the daily diet on the consumption of quality food and that shine for their nutritional and medicinal properties. While nature is wise and puts within our reach wonderful alternatives of great therapeutic power, fruits and vegetables top the list of most recommended foods to gain health, prevent disease, live longer, and lose weight.

Based on the above, there are some most popular vegetables than others, such is the case of the cucumber that many times we go unnoticed and even some people see it as a merely decorative element in salads. The good news is that in recent years perception that is had about the cucumber has changed drastically, in principle his popularity increased and it was all thanks to its use in juices and slimming shakes.

The truth is that the cucumber is a nutritional treasureyou probably don’t know but this is one of the older vegetables of which there is a record: its cultivation began in the south india make more than 3,000 years.

It is popularly known for being the star vegetable of summer, thanks to its hydrating, refreshing and zero caloric intake properties. It also draws special attention for its nutritional compositionl, which stands out for its high content of vitamin C, B vitamins, folic acid and minerals such as potassium and trace elements like silicon, molybdenum, copper, and manganese. All these essential nutrients benefit the function of organs and systems, strengthen the immune system and are very useful in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, such as the particular case of cardiovascular diseases.

The truth is that it is a food that is related to extraordinary benefits to promote weightloss. Cucumber is very light and is associated with great benefits for stimulate metabolism, also provides anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties, All the details, below.

The 5 slimming benefits of cucumber:

Low in calories: One of the most great qualities of cucumber is related to its practically zero calorie content, a cup provides the noble amount of 14 calories. This represents the 1% of daily calorie count when following a diet of approximately 1,500 calories, is therefore one of the best and most faithful allies to lose weight in natural and healthy way.
Powerful diuretic: The cucumber is characterized by its unmatched composition in water and that in combination with your high potassium content, give it great diuretic qualities. That is why consuming cucumber is related to immense benefits for eliminate fluid retention, toxins and waste housed in the body.
It is extremely hydrating: Thanks to its high water content and light composition, cucumber is one of the natural moisturizing agents most powerful of nature. The importance of maintaining optimal hydration levels to lose weight, benefit digestion, intestinal health and evacuation.
It is rich in fiber: Cucumber is rich in numerous essential nutrients that benefit health at different levels, one of the most striking is its great fiber content. Secure a good fiber intake provides a great satiating power in the diet, which is helpful for avoid overeating and it is vital for a good digestive process.
Provides anti-inflammatory properties: Among the most outstanding virtues of cucumber is its wonderful antioxidant power, that gives it unique anti-inflammatory properties. In such a way that its consumption is of great help to combat chronic inflammation, which is associated with obesity.

How to consume cucumber to lose weight?

As a valuable ingredient in all kinds of salads: Adding cucumber to everyday salads is the perfect complement to all kinds of weight loss diets. Its benefits are related to your ability to keep us satisfied for longer, best of all is that it is very versatile and easy to combine with all kinds of fresh vegetables.
Drinks with cucumber: Cucumber is the star ingredient in various combinations of green juices and smoothies slimming. Provides numerous vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibra, a lot of hydration and naturally accelerates the metabolism. It is also ideal to be enjoyed in light waters, it goes great with the lemon and ginger.

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