#Fitspiration: Celebrities share tips to shed that festive flab

Diwali celebration is about gorging on
mithais, savouries and indulging in an array of the sumptuous spread of delicious cuisines. And while this year the celebrations were intimate and low-key due to the ongoing pandemic, many of us took some time off from our fitness schedules and indulged in sinful festive food. And now that the festivities are over, the guilt of overeating is slowly overpowering us. Well, take a cue from these celebs as they share their post-festive fitness mantra. From eating smart, including healthy greens to workouts, we find out how:

Gauahar Khan: No sugar, No carbs & high-intensity workout for me
The first thing I always take care post all the festive binging is to completely avoid sugar for a month. The next step is to slowly cut down carbs and indulge in a healthy and balanced diet. Workout is an important part of weight loss, so 45 minutes of workout for at least four days a week is a must. From yoga, dancing, weight training and any form of high-intensity workouts will help you sweat and burn those extra kilos. Sugar, fried food and carbs must be avoided to lose all the festive flab.

Nishant Singh Malkani: Eating clean and a mix of cardio and strengthening exercises help
Festivals are my cheat days . Like every year, this year too
dil khol ke mithai khai hai, from gujiya, rasgulla to soan papdi, I ate them all. However, I didn’t put on much weight as I didn’t miss a single day of my workout session even during the festive season. Workouts are an integral part of my lifestyle. Generally, my post-festive fitness is all about doing a lot of cardio exercises, like burpees, squat jumps, plank jacks and mountain climbers and also including strength exercises. As far as my diet is concerned, I try and eat as clean and healthy as possible.

Adaa Khan: Yoga, running, having soups help me cope with festive binging
Diwali is that time of the year when my friends send me
kaju katlis, gujiyas and other
mithais and I love to binge on them. I’ve finished off this year’s quota of sweets. However, being an actress, I also have to maintain my weight. So post festive indulgence, it is all about resuming my fitness regimen. I now include more soups, greens and fresh fruits in my diet and work out twice a day, six days a week. I have been doing yoga for the last 15 years and mixing it with bodyweight workouts help me increase my flexibility. In the evening, I also go for a run.

Simba Nagpal: Small meals, fluids and exercises to lose festive flab
Diwali is a time to indulge in good food and
mithai. So I do it without feeling guilty. Once I’ve enjoyed my festive food, I start eating more sensibly. Starving yourself is a bad way to lose the festive weight as the body starts to store fat and later use it as a source of energy, which is wrong. I have six small meals throughout the day and exercise for 30

minutes daily. I have also reduced my sugar intake and drink warm fluids, more greens, vegetables and salads. Depending on my shooting schedule, I hit the gym for 1-2 hours daily.

Tinaa Dattaa: Do yoga & eat healthy to stay in shape
Being a Bengali, I have a sweet tooth and I look forward to festivals to indulge in sweets without feeling guilty. As I have been practising yoga for years now, I’m able to manage the post-festive weight gain easily. So along with yoga, I also make sure that I eat as healthy as possible post the festive season. I don’t believe in crash diets, but I am always mindful of what I eat and that really helps me a lot in staying in shape.

Manit Joura: Portion control & workouts help
I belong to a joint family so whenever I’m home I gorge on food made by my mom. When I’m home, I don’t follow any diet and
bahut maze se I enjoy ghar ka khana. Once I come back, I start my healthy and disciplined diet and workouts. My fitness routine is a mix of cardio coupled with high-intensity workouts. For the next few days, I eat a balanced diet. I have a light dinner and avoid outside food. Practice portion control and never miss your workout.

Deovleena Bhattacharjee: Suryanamaskar, yoga and adding more greens in my diet works
While I enjoy gorging on the festive food I also chart out a plan beforehand on my fitness routine post all the festive binge. For the first two weeks, I go on a diet which is high in fibre and has loads of greens in it. My diet also includes more fresh fruits and veggies as they help in removing all the toxins and helps in cleansing. As for workouts, I have started with simple yoga asanas, meditation and I do 11 Suryanamaskars in the morning and 11 during the evening.

Arun Mandola: Cycling, home workout, push-ups & body-weight exercises work for me
Diwali is my favourite festival and I love to indulge in
mithai. As gyms were closed for a very long period due to the pandemic, I was very careful though when binging this time around. This year it was all about homemade
lauki ke
mithai and chocolates. I avoid junk food. I’ve always believed in the theory, ‘eat everything but never miss a workout.’ While I gained close to five kilos after the festive season, I have started cycling every alternate day. I also do home workouts where I do push-ups and bodyweight exercises using dumbbells.

Angad Hasija: Green tea, hot lemon water help weight loss
Staying fit has always been very important for me, even if it’s during the festive season. So during Diwali, I usually choose one day where I will forgo my diet and indulge in all sorts of
mithai and savouries. Typically Diwali is my cheat day. Green tea, lemon water, warm fluids help me in digestion and is also a great way to remove all the toxins accumulated due to the festive indulgence. For someone who’s working out regularly, losing weight isn’t an issue. I strictly follow my exercise regimen and that helps me to stay fit. But for beginners, engaging in any form of exercise 30 minutes daily is a must along with a balanced diet to stay in shape.

Himanshi Khurana: It’s protein- rich diet & exercises for me
Diwali is a time when resisting good food, especially sweets, can become very difficult. I, too gave in and enjoyed the food, savouries and
mithai. Now I will go back to my healthy diet routine. My workout regime will include cardio, yoga, crunches and bodyweight exercises. My diet will be protein rich. I will have more grilled food, salads, fruits, juices, oats and avoid sweets and chocolates completely. Keeping the pandemic in mind, it’s necessary to take our fitness schedule seriously. Staying fit and healthy should be of prime concern.

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