What happens in the body when doing the Keto diet

Without a doubt the most popular diet of the year is ketogenic, also known as Keto diet. Not in vain in last months everyone talks about their nutritional, medicinal benefits and of course for promote weight loss. It’s about the most famous low carb dietary guideline and to which more followers join every day.

The truth is that it is increasingly common to meet someone who “Has gone ketogenic” and who has experienced the most amazing results in various fields. There is everything, those who enjoy a great transformation in weight Y body composition, patients who have achieved fight certain cases of diabetes and others diseases Chronicles, and even those who have improved their energy levels and mood.

While they exist different grades intensity to perform a ketogenic diet, which is broadly a lifestyle that leads the body to ketosis This term refers to metabolic state in which the body uses fat and ketones instead of glucose (sugar) as main source of energy.

There are different recommendations for doctors and nutritionists, which emphasize the ideal breakdown of macronutrients to achieve optimal ketosis: 75% fat, 20% protein Y 5% carbohydrates.

Although the ketogenic diet It’s one of the diet plans currently recommended, it is important to mention that as in any adjustments in diet, subject the body to a ketogenic regimen it has pros and cons. That is why we took on the task of breaking down the main effects of the state of ketosis in the body, so that you can take the better decisions for your health and well-being.

1. You can get the keto flu

It is normal for the body to react to any radical change in the feeding system. Medical specialists agree that most people have some symptoms, especially during the first week starting with the ketogenic diet. These effects are because the body is learning to change your power sourceWhen you start cutting down on carbs, most people go through a period of ketogenic adaptation or keto flu. During this process the body is going from depending on carbohydrates, to increase ketone production from the breakdown of fats in order to supply the main power. Between the main signals of the famous keto flu, there are symptoms such as: mental confusion, difficult to focus, feeling overly tired or lethargic and in some cases they can be experienced Headaches. The good news is that this process it only takes a few daysSo it is important to be patient and allow the body to adapt. To make it more bearable it is recommended practice intermittent fasting, carry out physical activity and integrate coconut oil in the preparation of food.

2. You can experience the ‘buzz’

You probably find it very strange to read this, however it makes a lot of sense. Once the body goes through the period of transition, it is normal you can experience what many specialists call ‘whoosh‘and is a term that refers to a surprising loss of weight, in the first two weeks. It is important to mention that most of this weight loss is water and low fat, because of this many people are often discouraged, especially when noticing that said weight loss rate it is not continues. However, the most important thing you should know is that rapid fat loss is not healthy and that is why the ketogenic diet allows us lose kilos in a healthy way Y constant It will not negatively affect your health.

3. You will lose weight much easier

Once the body is attached to the dramatic initial water weight loss, gives rise to fat burning, which in fact is the main objective of the keto diet. Therefore after first two weeks, the body will increase the utilization of body fat stores to get energy and so we will continue losing weight gradually. At once follow a low-carb diet, is an important supplement for the body to release less insulin in the bloodstream. Thus; although insulin is necessary for absorption and utilization of carbohydrates, but nevertheless high insulin levels in the body are related to making it difficult to lose weight.

4. Goodbye uncontrollable appetite

Happen too long without eating, results in various symptoms such as feeling shaky, irritable, headache, and fatigued. All of these symptoms result in the body going into a kind of suspended state, which causes the brain to send signals of eat something as soon as possible. Accustoming the body to these conditions is a sign of poor metabolic health, which is usually solved very easily by following the ketogenic diet. By entering ketosis, we are naturally training the body to easily take advantage of its own fat reserves, for fuel when incoming food supply is short. Thanks to this we prevent the body from pressing panic button when blood sugar levels start to drop. At once ketosis, relates to better food decisions when we are hungry.

5. Great ally to fight inflammation

When the body metabolizes fat as a fuel, it develops the ability to do not release free radicals or oxidative stress in the body, considered one of the main consequences of the consumption of foods rich in inflammatory carbohydrates. Another most interesting fact is that the ketone bodies they block a substance called NLRP3 inflammasome, a receptor of the immune system directly linked to inflammation. In such a way that the Keto diet is a wonderful method to feel a lot less bloated, deflated and full of energy.

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