Best supplement for menopause: A blend of nutrients and botanical could ease hormonal pain

It’s also designed to support the maintenance of healthy bones and defend cells against oxidative stress.

The vegan-friendly pill is free from soy, gluten or yeast, so it can be well tolerated.

Ingredients include: resveratrol, magnesium, vitamin D3, folate, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, sage, flax seed lig, and niacin.

Speaking on the benefits of vitamin D, which is an ingredient in Nature’s Plan BioAdvanced Menopause Support, is Dr Tania Adib.

Dr Adib is a gynaecologist and women’s health specialist, who said: “A lack of Vitamin D can play a big factor in menopausal symptoms.”

She elaborated: “Many of the symptoms experienced with low Vitamin D, such as fatigue, low mood, mood swings, muscle weakness and joint pain, mirror those that are experienced during the menopause.”

Thus, Dr Adib commented that low vitamin D level “exacerbate symptoms” of peri-menopause and menopause. 

Hormone therapy

Aside from supplementation, Medical News Today noted some people benefit from the use of hormone therapy.

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