Conversations you should avoid having with your loved ones during Thanksgiving dinner

This year the holidays are going to look a lot different. If you’re planning to spend time around your family on Thanksgiving, here are some conversation starters you should avoid:

1. Avoid talking about the election and politics.

Politics is a sensitive subject, and get can offensive, even if that’s not what you intended.

2. Don’t talk about the money a family member still owes you.

Money is a touchy subject, and a holiday meal is not the place to have that conversation. Experts with Readers Digest say to keep all financial conversations out of the picture during the holidays.

3. Try to not talk about a relative’s family planning.

Whether you’re speculating on when they’ll start their family, or asking when they’ll have another baby, you’re putting them in an uncomfortable situation. Experts say if they want anyone to know, they will bring it up themselves.

4. Don’t ask a family member why they’re still single.

Holiday dinners can be a nightmare for your single family members, because they know they’re going to get asked questions on their relationship status. Experts say sometimes these questions are enough to make them avoid coming over. Not only is it inappropriate to talk about at dinner, but it can also affect their self esteem.

Conversations about weight gain or weight loss, parenting advice or critiquing family recipes should also be avoided. If you’re questioning if you should talk about it or not, chances are you probably shouldn’t.

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