The amount of calories in these 13 food items eaten daily will be surprised. – Pledge Times

Health Tips: The amount of calories in these 13 food items eaten daily will be surprised. – Pledge Times

Health Tips: These days if people have awareness about anything after Corona, then it is to keep themselves healthy, fit and attractive. For which people are adopting many ways too. Some beauty tips are coming, and some are eating nutritious food. If someone is busy making himself fit with yoga and exercise, then he is trying to lose weight by dieting.

But among all this, what is most important is calories. These methods may be different but calories play the most important role in making you attractive, healthy and fit. Calorie counting is one of the simplest ways to track your fitness goals. Because of which you can eat your favorite foods in balance with high calorie content.

Although calories provide your body with energy to work throughout the day, but its excessive intake slowly starts collecting fat in your body, which in turn causes problems like weight gain. So today we have brought you a list of 13 daily food items which have the highest calorie content and if you are on the path of weight loss, then you will be able to calculate calories through this list.

1. Boiled egg ie boiled egg. 1 boiled egg contains 77 calories. And if you talk about omelette, then it contains 104 calories.
2. Bread – which you eat with great fervor in breakfast. There are at least 68 calories in 1 slice of the same bread.
3. A banana eaten as a healthy breakfast contains 55 calories inside.
4. Have you ever thought that only 1 roti of mother’s hand contains 85 calories.
5. There are 163 calories in 150 grams of chicken.
6. 120 calories in just 1 bowl of rice.
7. 1 bowl of yogurt has 90 calories.
8. 133 calories are available in 50 grams of cheese.
9. 50 grams of boiled potatoes contain only 44 calories.
10. In addition, 270 calories are found in 1 bowl of tur dal.
11. A chocolate cake that gets water in your mouth has 235 calories in 1 slice.

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